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  1. sarahsmiles;D sarahsmiles;D says:
    where can i buy this hello kitty backpack? it is sold out at hot issue and i want the one that ISN'T shiny.
    These aren't strictly the same, but check it out:,default,pd.html?cgid=Backpacks,non-performance,pd.html?cgid=Backpacks...
  2. Johanna Johanna says:
    Where could i buy a hello kitty backpack?
    Like hot question? Idk HELP
    Jelly ♥ says:
    I amazement where you live? I live in australia/sydney and i go to chinatown in the city and there's a few stores taht sells sanrio stuff a.k.a hello kitty . also you can bid on hello kitty bags on ebay.
  3. Almondjoy Almondjoy says:
    Hello kitty in highschool?
    hey I'm 16 and a female lol I'm prevailing into 11th grade and I'm a little quirky in what I like. so I bought an I love pandas button and a few of...
    Kayaana13 says:
    I recently bought a Hello Kitty backpack from Hot Matter. I'm 17 and I'm going to be a senior, so I wouldn't even worry about it.$thumbnail_big$ I bought about 15 or so buttons for that backpack. I'm more into just Hello...

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  1. Shreveport Times Missing bird had gone to duck pond, friend's house
    Shreveport Boys in blue issued a press release early Friday urging the public to help find Haywood, who at 4-foot-10 and 90 pounds had eventually been seen in a blue polo shirt and Hello Kitty backpack. Security footage captured Makaylah exiting her school bus on 
  2. KUsports Back to prime: One-and-done McLemore returns to KU for summer classes
    He's no longer a rookie and that's a big substitute for McLemore. “It's all fun and games,” he said of rookie hazing. “What vets, a lot of older guys do to the rookies I had to wear a pink backpack — Hello Kitty — it was cool. It was all licit. I'm

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  2. The Slaying of a Chinese Bookie is a gangster tale, a love story, a film noir and an experiment in light, colour and form. It is a rambling, churning, caring peel that is difficult in parts and splendid in others. In short, Cosmo Vitelli (Ben Gazarra) stumbles into debt, MAC Cosmetics Remover Water, ...
  3. Superior experience: The most WOW-experience i had was my trip to Odense. First time i was traveling so fare with train alone! I have this crazy idea that im going to get lost or can't yield the door in the train, when i want to get off, but it went well hahah xD I was visiting Lonnie and baked a few lee ...
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