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  1. cute as a button!.♥ cute as a button!.♥ says:
    If you've been at the hello kitty warehouse?
    have you endlessly bought one of those pink bags that cost $30 and you have no idea whats inside?. i wanted to get one. but i didn't want to waste my...
    chatrisse says:
    there are millions of products hello kitty could come out with, so i'm not inevitable which ones ure talking about, but i've bought a really cute box of hello kitty (looks like a lunch box in the shape of hello kity head), inside there are cookies. its freakin expensive tho, but its...
  2. liliana c liliana c says:
    When is hello kittys birthday?
    Lauren says:
    Profile Celebrity: Hello Kitty Birthday: November 1, 1974 Blood type: A+++ Place of birth: Suburban Cambridge Parents: George and Mary Bell © Siblings: Mimmy (combine sister) Friends: Cathy (a rabbit), Fifi (a sheep), Tracy (a raccoon), Joey (a mouse) Height: That of five shiny...
  3. Kitty Kitty says:
    What is your idea on Teenagers/Young Adults wearing kids t-shirts?
    I identify shallow question but so much younger girls obsess about this where i live. Like if a high-schooler wears a blues clues belly shirt. I'm just...
    нαηηα ⓣⓗⓔ uɹoɔıun says:
    Um.. i assume damage little hello kitty shirts and i almost bought a cookie monster shirt. I think their funny ^^ and i'm 19... So yeah.. O.o

Samsung Appliances 2 Review - Tom's Guide

Although our review piece had a silver face and a black band, Samsung also offers the Gear 2 with an orange band, and with a bronze face and brown league together. Just a little more than six months after it debuted its first smartwatch, Samsung has already returned with the second-generation Gear 2. Featuring a nice design as well as a built-in IR blaster and heart-rate monitor, the $299 Gear 2 boasts a... To be fair, the Dagger doesn't have a camera, mic or speaker. Unlike the first generation, the Gear 2's strap can be replaced using any 22-mm strap. Has time already run out on the Materiel 2. Design As the second generation of its smartwatch, the Samsung Gear 2 looks less like an early-adopter apparatus and more like something that will appeal to the masses. MORE: Best Smartwatches 2014. Display Like the original Gear, the Gear 2 has a 1. 63-inch, 320 x 320-pixel Wonderful AMOLED display that's vibrant and crisp. Because the Steel's display consumes so little power, it can stay on indefinitely, but the Gear 2's shelter can stay on for a maximum of 5 minutes. However, it's larger and heavier than the Pebble Steel , which measures 1. 5 x 1. 4 x 0. 4 inches and weighs 1. 95 ounces. The microphone has been moved from the embrace to the left side of the watch face. On the underside of the watch face is a heart-rate sensor, as well as four metal contacts that attach to the Gear 2's proprietary charger. Still, the Gear 2's display quickly came to life. It's much more stunning than the 1. 26-inch, 144 x 168-pixel, LED-backlit e-letter-paper display on the Pebble Steel, but that luminousness comes at a price. While the design of the face is the same — a squarish screen surrounded by chrome — the bulbous camera on the federate of the Gear has now been incorporated into the metal top section of the device. Don't like the band. Measuring 2. 3 x 1. 45 x 0. 39 inches and 2. 4 ounces, the Mechanism 2 is slightly smaller and lighter than the original Gear (2. 2 x 1. 4 x 0. 43 inches and 2. 6 ounces). Samsung is also competing against itself with the discount-cost Gear Fit and another smartwatch on the way that will run Android Wear.

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  1. New York Daily News Avril Lavigne video reaps argument over pop Asian images
    When asked by Digital Spy in an October meeting if the song was about her vagina, Lavigne answered, "Obviously it's flirtatious and somewhat sexual, but it's genuinely about my love for Hello Kitty !" Interdependent Stories: Avril Levigne and Miley Cyrus
  2. Samsung Appliances 2 Review
    Samsung also bumped up the immutableness slightly to 2 megapixels. Photos taken with the Gear 2 looked decent, considering the size of the sensor. The colors in a 1080p photo of Cookie Hideousness, Hello Kitty and Woody in Times Square were vivid, and details 



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