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  1. cyndie cyndie says:
    where can you buy hello kitty converses or parley shoes that have a color or deign inside?
    ive been vexing to look for these all month and i could not find them anywhere can sum 1 help!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PrettyInPunkkk says:
    You can get the Hello Kitty ones online( i long for them!:D) and you can get the colorful/design ones online too, or you can get them in some hot topic stores, or in journeys, or some various other stores but those are pretty much...
  2. Almondjoy Almondjoy says:
    Hello kitty in highschool?
    hey I'm 16 and a female lol I'm contemporary into 11th grade and I'm a little quirky in what I like. so I bought an I love pandas button and a few of...
    Kayaana13 says:
    I recently bought a Hello Kitty backpack from Hot Area of study. I'm 17 and I'm going to be a senior, so I wouldn't even worry about it.$thumbnail_big$ I bought about 15 or so buttons for that backpack. I'm more into just Hello...
  3. carol s carol s says:
    where can I buy hello kitty discourse sneakers for women?
    J'adore says:

Under age Thug's “The Blanguage” Video Is Dripping With Swagma (Swag Magma) - Noisey (blog)

The only article more swaggy than a denim jacket is a destroyed denim jacket with different color denim sleeves that you rock while making a v coy mush. OWN A CORVETTE. Spontaneity is the essence of style, and if you put away all the shit piled up in your sink or cleaned up the empty Styrofoam cups laying enclosing, you'll let everyone know you planned it. Fuck that. Also, this is clearly either Thugger or Metro Boomin's kitchen, which rules, because this is probably the same sort of kitchenette that any working 20-something in Atlanta has, give or take the million bottles of Actavis they've got casually lying... More specifically, this is a blog place about what I, a very stylish individual who was once photographed by a fashion blogger for wearing a gigantic shirt at a rap concert, learned about flair from Young Thug and his music video for "The Blanguage. DENIM JACKETS R KEWL. Shit like this is what makes Young Rebuff a genius. There is so much to learn about style from this video. Plans are not stylish. But this isn't just a blog post about how great "The Blanguage" and its video is, even though they are both great. His to the fullest extent song is the Metro Boomin -produced "The Blanguage," which is convenient because that's the song I'm writing about today. It's basically a goddamn volcano erupting with swagma (swag magma, duh), dripping hot passion onto every single hater who dares question Young Thug's sartorial choices. Young Thug doesn't give a fuck if you contrive he dresses weird though, he's too busy rapping like he got his tongue split in two by a mad scientist so he could better destroy everybody else in the gutsy with the ease of flicking his wrist. Young Thug has done a terrific job of positioning himself as hip-hop's next great hope. FILM YOUR MUSIC VIDEO IN YOUR Kitchenette. If any hater is still standing after the sight of the Corvette's visage (Corvisage), Metro Boomin's racoon-skin cap is sure to obliterate any only hater who dares withstand the power of the Corvette stunt. This is a blog post about style. NOBODY is checking for the 'Vette these days, JUST Stop UNTIL METRO AND THUGGER PULL UP TO THE CLUB IN A CORVETTE THO.

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  1. KTAL AMBER Lookout cancelled, 10 year-old girl found safe
    Haywood, who is four feet, ten inches incredible and weighs 90 pounds, was last seen wearing a blue colored polo style shirt, khaki Capri pants and hateful L.A. Gear shoes. Makaylah was also wearing glasses with a Hello Kitty backpack. If anyone has
  2. Patrol: Suspect wearing Hello Kitty sweatshirt robs woman
    spear suspect approached a woman at the Exxon Mobile gas station on Broad Street in New Bern, stole the woman's coin press together and then took off running. The suspect is described as wearing a white Hello Kitty sweatshirt, gray sweat pants and black shoes.



  1. Terminating week, my family and I went to Cebu city and I went on a shopping spree with my sister at Forever 21 for the first time. I've always wanted to go shopping at F21 and I'm in the end happy that I finally did! I also bought a few stuff from the Vans concept store at Ayala, Cebu. I reckon that this is m ...
  2. On Sunday I attended a lolita meetup in Basingstoke. It's not a hamlet I've ever been particularly blown away by but I ended up having a really great time there. It turns out there's a large, picturesque park area about a ten minute walk from the metropolis centre, with a paddling area for little children, ...
  3. For by Rachel Kramer Bussel I fondness my stuff -- my books, my clothes, my jewelry, my art, my notebooks, my giant Hello Kitty pillow that I snuggle up to at night (even though I'm 38). I don't mean "love" as in the woman who married the Eiffel Belfry -- my belongings and I are on a strictl ...
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