(RYC) 11: DIY Archetypal High Waist Retro Bathing Suit

It's swimsuit opportunity ripe and you might have a one piece bathing suit laying around. Learn how to DIY this Classic Retro High Waist Bathing Suit from your old one.

Questions & answers

  1. had me at hello♥ had me at hello♥ says:
    where can i buy a high waist bikini?
    i in fact want a cute one...maybe a cute tribal one, a cute design on it, or maybe like a solid pink color but i dont know where i could buy one...
    Phoenix 013 says:
    There are 840 results prerogative now on eBay for "high waist bikini": http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=p5197.m570.l1313&_nkw=high+waist+bikini&_sacat=0 If somehow none of those results suit you, and you can't reveal what you want anywhere else, you can go to ebuyersedge.com...
  2. Swt Swt says:
    where can i find out/buy a high waist bikini?
    im tiring to look for a high waist bikini, is there any stores like " wet seal, forever 21, pac sun, h&m " that sells them or any other stores...
    Oli says:
    There's some here - http://www.amazon.com/mn/search/?_encoding=UTF8&tent=1789&creative=390957&field-keywords=high%20waist%20bikini&linkCode=ur2&tag=softwaengin0d-20&url=search-alias%3Daps
  3. Elle Elle says:
    Where can I buy high-waist bikini bottoms like Katy Perry's?
    Dee says:
    Karen Donaldson and Vanessa Warrack have designed some high waisted bathing suits for the filament Minnow Bathers, They have been featured in music videos by Hedley and Dragonette, as well as this months issue of Flare Magazine, and come in lots of bright colours! I certain you can...
  4. Smitty Smitty says:
    Where can I buy crafty high waist/longline bikinis?
    I like sites like Modcloth and asos, but they don't come in my value. I'm quite a large bust and my limit to spend is about $50. I am just looking...
    nickipettis says:
    some places online drag a swimsuit by the brand name of Longitude that should fit you well. i don't remember how much they cost.

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  2. Choosing the quickly swimwear can be a stressful task at times. It is essential that you know your body shape, your budget and what YOU feel good in. For some of us its prints and more prints, others block colours, incredibly frills or a simple black colour. No matter what your style or body shape there i ...
  3. We are all so pleased as Punch to see Summer has finally arrived. Seeing sunshine, being in the sunshine makes me happy but what I enjoy more about Summer is swimwear shopping. I love bikinis, full substance swimsuits but in different styles, prints and colours. Where I grew up (South Africa) there was unfortunte ...
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