(RYC) 11: DIY Definitive High Waist Retro Bathing Suit

It's swimsuit mellow and you might have a one piece bathing suit laying around. Learn how to DIY this Classic Retro High Waist Bathing Suit from your old one.

Questions & answers

  1. anonymousgirl anonymousgirl says:
    Where can I buy a high waisted bikini can?
    Where can I put one's finger on cheap ones or any in general?
    Jea says:
    Try asos, topshop, riverisland, fit the swimwear categorie or look in wanelo.com too http://wanelo.com/search?query=high+waisted+bikini...
  2. claries claries says:
    where do you buy a high waisted bikini?
    im in require of a new bathin suit and i wanna try a high waisted bikini and i would like to know a list of reputable websites and/or stores of where...
    Bob says:
    ask your grandma where she gets her high wasted bikinis
  3. Cassandra Cassandra says:
    Where to buy high waisted bikini and shorts?
    hi I'm honestly into the high waisted style seeing as though I have a little tummy! so I am just wondering where I can get some high waisted bikini...
    Hannah says:
    I encounter that high waisted bikinis make a little tummy look like a big tummy. They look good on girls with a really small waist, and on really fat girls that necessary something to hold their belly in. I'd recommend you go for a lower-cut bikini bottom, as they are more flattering to...
  4. Sienna Steel Sienna Steel says:
    where can you buy those retro high waisted bikinis?
    i have been looking for a high waisted bikini for the on few months, and can't seem to find any! does anyone know where in canada these are sold?...
    Allisonn Clairee says:
    Look online. I couldn't get back any around. Maybe you have a vintage store around? HOPE I HELPED(:

Rude Chic Club Bikini Review & GIVEAWAY

I have another one to give away to one providential reader. Don’t judge me. GIVEAWAY — ENTER TO WIN. The sizing on the suits is one-size… they’re stretchy so they can accommodate a wide range. Just in time for Summer, I was asked by Brazen Chic to review one of their adorable, retro-style swimsuits . I had the hardest time picking one out because they’re all so damn cute. a Rafflecopter giveaway. The champion will be contacted through the information that they provide. However, it was somewhat of a gamble for me. I know a few months ago I would have been able to fit into them no problem, but sadly I did put on a little bit of obstinate Holiday weight this year. Keep in mind if you’re entering, the listed measurements for the suit are 30″-36″ in the bust and 26″-32″ in the waist. Regardless, I assuredly love the suit, and guess what. This giveaway is open to anyone 18+ in the United States. My suspicions were confirmed when I couldn’t securely along the bikini top without risking giving out a free show if you know what I mean …. I have confidence that I will be able to wear it this Summer, so I have it hanging up in my kitchen as a... But, this one with a cut-out was a near second. Since I was on a longline bra kick at the time, I went with a similarly styled suit and chose this hot pink longline bikini top with a polka dot high waisted in the final. The winner will have one week to respond before a second place winner will be contacted at random.

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  2. Documentation morning lovelies! It´s time for some inspiration and since the summer is around the corner I wanted to talk about my favorite swimwear. This season I´ve been loving high waisted bikini bottoms and swimsuits. I did a set wearing a Zara swimsuit not so long ago and I want to buy a black swimsuit ...
  3. Hi Everybody, I thought I’d share with you some great bits that I picked up recently on the high street before my holiday to Turkey. I’ve been super chuffed with all these pieces and they’ve seriously vamped up my never ending hunt for for the perfect spring/summer wardrobe. First off, a couple of piece ...
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