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  1. ♥Angel Eyez♥ ♥Angel Eyez♥ says:
    What did you produce to the hospital with you when you had your baby?
    I am due in February but the doctor thinks that I will go into labor before then. I told my squelch that I want to have my hospital bag packed...
    For Myself: I bought lots of underwear, my own soap (or stream gel), socks, about 2 outfits, comb, brush, extra twist ties for my hair, lotion, deoderant, flip flops, my purse (of course, make sure I had flush incase I wanted something other than hospital food), and extra...
    Where to buy socks with rubber soles?
    I'm lookin for socks w rubber studded soles. My mum needs to retain her feet warm at nite but socks wil cause her to slip n fall very easily. I'm...
    DeannetheGreat says:
    These non-off socks are usually available at pharmacies or medical supply stores. Hospitals, etc., use them all the time.
  3. Ashley Ashley says:
    buying for coddle?
    Hey there :) Im just about at 14 weeks in a family way. I was wondering when I should start buying things for the baby and what do I buy. I have limited...
    jjsoccer_18 says:
    i didnt buy anythiong big cultivate after the baby shower, but something i did buy is diapers, bascially everytime i went to the store i bought a pack of diapers. resulting in i didnt have to buy any diapers until my daughter was 3 months old, that was subtle, and able to free up...

4 ways to put in writing away the pain

A script professor at SUNY Adirondack, she went through a tough childhood and couldn’t let go of it. She grew up in a dysfunctional family, with distant distracted parents, and relied on her older sister for the nurturing she should have gotten... 4 ways to a note away the pain We’ve all had loss in our life. Turn inward and grow quiet. She wrote a short story about her sister’s heart surgery, in which she imagines inhabiting the essentials of her sister during surgery: When they cracked my sister’s ribs and slid the curved bone blades back under her skin to repair her damaged crux,... Turn to alcohol, drugs. It could happen to anyone, and when it does, we feel slammed. Some of us, like myself, try to write about it. After all, writing is supposed to be good psychoanalysis. your job is outsourced. A dog dies. David Kalish is a fiction writer, screenwriter and playwright whose debut novel, The Opposite of The whole , was inspired by his own brush with cancer and divorce. The trauma itself makes us feel clogged. Even those who feel a strong urge to write about it habitually can’t. A friend of mine is a good example. The subject is scary and painful—the result not very good. Process your pain. Giving trauma a storyline helps us to assemble sense of it and process fragmented experiences that otherwise seem senseless. She tried writing about her girlhood in straight-forward first-person, but it wasn’t until she tried a less instruct method that she came up with a successful piece of writing that gave her relief. Up until then, I had not known how her ribs cradle-gouged me. Her gorgeous writing re-enacts, metaphorically, her feeling of being overly dependent on her sister, and helped her process her guilt over it. As the author of a comedic romance, The... We’re so overwhelmed that the very ink in the pen seems to congeal. Like a hammer hit us. We react to loss in our particular way. Let it out on paper. – Women On Book Blog Tour , I’ve asked David to share about his experience with cancer and how to write your way out of pain. Death, sickness, divorce. Today as parcel of his WOW. Grow depressed.

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    The set that collects the most socks will be awarded a prize and the winning class will receive a class party sponsored by Stones River Hospital. WEAR PURPLE DAY ... and the Cannon County Opinion System. To purchase a Luminary in memory or honor of ...


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  3. We've officially hit entire-term! That means I could be celebrating Mother's Day as a MOTHER this year should Louis V decide to join us early. As much as I would love to meet and hold him (and be able to sleep at night...ha, I cognizant of...without having to try and maneuver around this big bump), I'm hoping ...
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