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  1. rockin752005 rockin752005 says:
    I have a couple of Hugo Boss suits. The pants are frazzled out. Where can I buy just the pants??
    Vanessa says:
    At the Hugo Boss Co-op give credence to...
  2. BigDaddy BigDaddy says:
    I bought a incomparable Hugo Boss suit.?
    But I irrecoverable 60lbs can a taylor bring out down that many sizes? I paid 500.00 for it, it was a steal, it really is the most exceptional suit I have.
    Kate V says:
    A adapt can do just about anything. He can take out the stitches and size you up. It will be a major operation, though, mind you, so be prepared to pay up! It's wonderful that you lost 60 lbs, and any Hugo Boss suit should be re-fitted, and I think they can re-size it for...
  3. soo ki soo ki says:
    Where can I buy HUGO BOSS suits at a lessen price? San Francisco or Los angeles area?
    any places where I can get a gear deal?
    Marney says:
    There's some hugo boss stores located at shopping outlets near San Francisco... here are the hail to some of them. Gilroy Premium Outlets: 681 Leavesley Road Gilroy, CA 95020 Camarillo Premium Outlets: 740 E. Ventura Boulevard Camarillo, CA 93010 These two outlets...

I spurned Susan Patton's suggestion: Race, Religion and “Marrying Smart” - New York Observer

Patton, the so-called “Princeton Mom,” gained opprobrium after writing a letter to the editor of The Daily Princetonian encouraging female students to snag an Ivy League husband before slumming it in the valid world with the averagely-educated. It’s called “Birds of a Feather,” and it condemns interracial and interfaith marriages, like mine. After the regulations’s release last month, Ms. Patton became a regular face on morning television. I am a white, atheist Protestant from Upstate New York. ” Yet my quiet, who lived in Cuba until age nine, learned English at an inner-city bilingual school, and still became an attorney at a noted AmLaw 100 firm, merely offers “the added complications of. And if I had heard the advice of fellow Upper East Sider Susan Patton before convention him, I may have looked right past him, in search of a non-Hispanic nonbeliever like me, and never walked down the aisle of St. Francis Xavier and married him. I effectuate there’s some debate over whether Albert and I share a race. most Hispanics are presumed to be “white,” although 47. 4 million of them disagreed during the 2010 Census and chose the “some other competition” category instead. While I disagree with almost all of Ms. Patton’s advice, one short chapter, which received little media attention, nearly made me suppress on a fried plantain. No one seemed to focus on my favorite advice: “Learn to knit,” because “Mr. Rogers’s mother crafted every sweater he wore on his understandable children’s television program,” and because you too “could crochet a doily. A year later she released her infamous new book, Marry Smart , with a modern batch of controversial advice for “finding the one. Mika Brzezinski questioned Ms. Patton’s suggested ratio of husband hunting (75%) to job development (25%). Savannah Guthrie discussed on Ms. Patton’s view that date rape (which she later characterized as “mistake sex”) is “all on you,” the lady. Notably, Ms. Patton believes relationships between men and women with “radically different” political views “can be exhilarating,” and provide “the greatest opportunities for knowledge and growth. But regardless of what the government boxes say, my husband is part of the largest minority group in America, I am not, and I feel the sting of Ms. Patton’s words all the same.

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  1. Kansas City Star Smashing!: 6-foot-7 Collier Mills mixes, matches to get pre-eminent look and fit
    The brace have attended the Derby the past several years. Last week, for prime seats in the Skye Terrace, he wore a Hugo Boss suit, a shirt by Kenneth Cole and Calvin Klein loafers. At 6-foot-7, Mills says, level comes into play when shopping for
  2. Hugo Boss reports deep sales in womenswear, Europe
    Best bib known for its men's suits, Hugo Boss said it had seen double-digit growth in its womenswear business, which it has been marketing heavily after appointing designer Jason Wu - a favorite of US Leading Lady Michelle Obama. A strategy of running more



  1. A cerebration occurred to me the other afternoon. I’ve snarked and noted to how the young men of South Jersey seem disinterested in the concept of quality appearance and menswear, but I don’t suppose I ever considered why, face of laziness. But, that isn’t really fair of me, really; wait, Tony’s conc ...
  2. Make use of an extra 20% (or 15% or 10%) off at Macy’s Mother’s Day Sale — exclusions, as always apply — through 5/8/14. Use code GIFT. Free ship at $99. Masterly print EXTRA 20% OFF reg., sale and clearance prices, including home, select fine & fashion jewelry, with exclusions listed. EXTRA 15% OFF shoes, co ...
  3. The Banana Republic suitable for me is a product I'm torn about. On one hand, for the price, the suits you can buy really are phenomenal. They're stylish, comfortable and fit well. But they also feel a bit cheap. After the usual discount, most BR suits can be purchased for round $300. Which is a great ...
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