Sunday Tow: James Cooper, REBORN Jeans, Etude House

In-brightness blog entry about the products to be. The things I purchased 7/10/11 James Cooper Cosmetics, jeans from REBORN, and a bottle of my favorite hairspray.

Questions & answers

  1. kungfubunny23 kungfubunny23 says:
    Where can I buy James Preserved Jeans?
    I couldn't deal a website or store location... My favorite jeans!
    try it, loose shipping and price cheap, i think you can choose your favorites
  2. modernlifeisrubbish modernlifeisrubbish says:
    Where can i buy JAMES JEANS online??????
    other than at (result in they don't have much selection of James Jeans). I want the original 5-pocket bootcut James jeans (medium dark...
    Arr says: *these are sites that...
  3. e.estlinz e.estlinz says:
    Where can I buy creator jeans in Arizona? Blue Cult, James Jeans, etc.?
    Looking for specialty shops, or put one's faith stores that sell the above brands.
    nenny says:
    ok. penneys does NOT deliver up designer jeans. more like lee jeans. if you have a macys at your local mall. check it out. NOT the juniors department, either. they will be in the grownup section. lol. or nordstrom. learn to read guys...IN arizona...NOT the arizona make.

Review: Charles James show at The Met - SPORTSWEAR Global

Downstairs, in the newly renovated and renamed Anna Wintour Rags Center, the broader view of James’ work is presented with day- and eveningwear, along with memorabilia from his studios such as dress forms that he reshaped, sketches, scrapbooks... They’re practicable and, being functional, highly sexual. explores the work of the American couturier (1906-1978) who always rightfully considered himself more of a true artist than just a artist of clothes. Marcus then was obliged to explain that this was the new style–he simply meant that blue jeans were far better cut than the average trousers of that period. The retrospective, which was curated by Harold Koda and Jan Glier Reeder, is in two parts of the museum and features approximately 65 of James’ the fad creations from the 1920s to the 1970s. The first floor special exhibition gallery showcases 15... Numerous quotations from the deviser are also included on the walls throughout the show and one even shows that he loved denim, a fabric that seems in direct opposition to his high glam aesthetic: “When I got the Neiman Marcus gain in ’53, I... Also here is a white satin eiderdown evening jacket he made in the 1930s, which is now regarded as the first puffer overcoat.

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  1. James Jeans Pet Adoptions; Barneys Accessories Shopping
    MIRACLE MILE—James Jeans joined cynosure clear with No Kill LA for a weekend adoption event at the La Brea Tarpits. This Saturday and Sunday, pet-loving Angelenos are invited to drop by and meet the beautiful dogs and cats that are looking for a loving home.
  2. stupidDOPE Lana Del Rey, James Dean & Natalie Wood – Dispirited Jeans (Urban Noize Remix ...
    “Risqu Jeans” however with a classic Hollywood touch. The remix finds the fellas not only giving the track a dope new, retro feeling backdrop, but also bringing in the talents of James Dean and Natalie Wood, making for something genuinely amazing and



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  2. Emily Obscure was photographed while dropping by a friends house for a visit. How great does she look? I can’t believe she had a baby a couple of months ago! While out, she wore a pair of James Jeans skinny jeans in gray with a gray ringer tee. Emily tends to be spotted in James entirely a bit and it see ...
  3. 2AB#If you require buy Donna Ricco Beaded Neck Sleeveless Mixed Media Dress Review Details & Care Tonal beading at the rounded neckline lends remote yet dramatic sheen to a sleek sleeveless dress with cutaway shoulders. The jersey bodice is softly bloused above a high-waisted skirt of crinkled metallic ...
  4. James Jeans - The director in premium denim now offers even more selection available online. Shop now for free ground shipping on most purchases.
  5. James Jeans Women's Buddy Slouchy Fit Forthrightly Leg Boyfriend Jean by James Jeans
  6. Boutique for and buy james jeans & online at Macy's. Find james jeans & at Macy's
  7. James Jeans - The conductor in premium denim now offers even more selection available online. Shop now for free ground shipping on most purchases.
  8. James Jeans Women's Buddy Slouchy Fit Plumb Leg Boyfriend Jean by James Jeans
  9. Seek for and buy james jeans & online at Macy's. Find james jeans & at Macy's
jamesjean kinding jonathanlevinegallery
Artist James Jean's "Kindling" demonstrate at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in NYC on Feb. 6th, 2009
Photo by bradalmanac on Flickr

rebus jamesjean marthaotero
James Jean x OVM fixed edition silk scarf: 100% of proceeds will go to Red Cross
Photo by supahcute ^__^ on Flickr

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