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I purchased the jeans to flatter the shorts from the Goodwill (:

Questions & answers

  1. Ir3n3 Ir3n3 says:
    Where can i buy like jean shorts?
    i neediness to buy some jean short short or like skirt that is short and is jean. i want to buy it but for the price is around 20 and down. do u know...
    heatherox961 says:
    here are some links... aeropostale- http://www.aeropostale.com/goods/index.jsp?productId=2975957&cp=2284058.3071381&parentPage=family...
  2. lovestar lovestar says:
    Where can I buy jeans for a penniless person like me?
    I always have concern oneself finding jeans or pants that fit me in length..since I am 5'0 and it's a huge hassle to get them shortened at the dry...
    where's my edward? says:
    hearty i know the feeling. i can never find the perfect jeans either but i go buy mine for usually A&E, they have good sizes for short and tall, and if i cant find anything there, i just buy something like caprises, or shorts. haha. :] because its summer! :P
  3. ItalianStallion ItalianStallion says:
    where can i buy lank jeans shorts?
    where can i buy the ones like oli sykes wears haha @yuzumi agreeably theyre kinda like skinny jeans, only cut off into shorts. look up oli sykes n...
    yuzumi says:
    im miserable but can you be a bit mroe clear in what your looking for? are you looking for a form fitting short but in a jean fabric ? what length are you looking for?

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