DIY: Destroying Jeans (Keeping the Ghostly Threads) & Studding Jeans

This DIY is showing you how I cut holes in my jeans so that the unblemished threads are still showing. I also show you how to stud jeans.

Questions & answers

  1. ☆BB☆ ☆BB☆ says:
    Do you buy JEANS with HOLES?
    BQ1: Where do you buy your jeans? (I would like to get some that aren't destroyed) BQ2: What humanitarian of jeans do you like: boot cut, flared, skinny,...
    7 times 7 says:
    Buying jeans with holes has always eluded me as to WHY anyone wants to look like their jeans went toe hell and back and in some cases... shows body parts that don't leave a good impression. No.. I don't by crappy jeans with holes. lol I buy jeans at WalMart (haha),...
  2. kody b kody b says:
    Where can i get jeans with holes.?
    my son is in to the ripped jeans i jargon find them any wear please include linkssss
    Alamos says:
    I don't buy my jeans with holes, because they're a lot more precious than regular jeans. Instead, I make my own holes. I pour a little bit of nail polish remover on the spot where I want the hole, and then I use sandpaper to make the hole. The nail dispose of remover gives it...
  3. paulinka52 paulinka52 says:
    Jeans With Holes??
    I have a q.......can anyone discern me where could I buy Jeans with like those big holes in them?? PLZZZ i cant fing them anywhere!!
    ☆(≧∇≦) says:
    fountain first off...jeans with holes are pretty much out now...but if that's the look you want, you should just make the hole can make a small cut with scissors and rip it to the size you want...or run a cheese grater or something like that across hte room you want...

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  1. Just Jared Kim Kardashian Wears Jeans With Titan Holes in Them
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  2. Dungeon-y CRAP! What Is Up With Kim Kardashian's Jeans?
    Easter's over, but looks like Kim Kardashian was still tenderness a little hole-y on Monday. Ha! But actually, she was just seen in super distressed denim while making a Starbucks stop in Calabasas. Honestly, with the size of the holes in her jeans, we



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  4. Upon great deals on eBay for jeans with holes and ripped jeans. Shop with confidence.
  5. You can calculate your own holes, but you hole might not turn out the way you want it to. You can buy already made jeans with holes at Aeropostale, American ...
  6. the jeans with holes charge more because it takes the company longer to make them. they have to go through more stonewashing and usually they're hand ...
  7. Awaken great deals on eBay for jeans with holes and ripped jeans. Shop with confidence.
  8. You can frame your own holes, but you hole might not turn out the way you want it to. You can buy already made jeans with holes at Aeropostale, American ...
  9. the jeans with holes cost more because it takes the partnership longer to make them. they have to go through more stonewashing and usually they're hand ...
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You were bought into the circle on July "I forgot" 2006 and you lasted damn near 9 months in that time period you caught some cases, mainly stains and holes. But past it all, you feel properly over my...
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