Jessica Rabbit estimate up, hair and costume! Model and music by WHITTON

Her album, "Rare Bird" is present for purchase at: http://www. Artist known as Whitton transforms into cartoon, Jessica Rabbit to her song called "B Sting".

Questions & answers

  1. one sweet world one sweet world says:
    Where can I recoup a Jessica Rabbit dress?
    I necessity to be Jessica Rabbit for Halloween, and I was wondering where I could find a similar dress? I don't want to buy it from an online costume...
    jen says:
    Have you tried parsimony stores?? Ebay?? And try this.. A place called FREECYCLE. Just ask if anyone has it... and I am sure who ever does will pass it along too you. Nature of the website. You could also try You would be amazed how multifarious people dress up like her....
  2. Briizee Briizee says:
    Jessica Rabbit Supporter!?!?
    I be to be jessica rabbit for halloween. haha. Where can i buy a red sparkly dress, purple gloves, and a red wig for a CHEAP price?? thanks.
    MaryJo says:
    idk how cut-price you consider cheap but here's the one i found....
  3. Lauren F Lauren F says:
    What should i display to a Cartoon Dress up party?
    I have to dress up like a irregularly Cartoon Character for a dress up party. I don't really care enough to put much effort in, but i want to at least...
    Rinka says:
    Jessica Rabbit! buy a indecent red dress, red lipstick and dye your hair semi-permanently ginger and style it in a finger-curl style. seeexxyyy!

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  1. Bride wants Jessica Rabbit look on 'I Found The Gown'
    On this weekend's I Found The Gown, a slew of brides-to-be trooped into Vows Conjugal, but only one said that on her wedding day she wanted to look like the Filipino Jessica Rabbit. Nothing wrong with that and Rick and Leslie's bridal shop had more than enough for
  2. Minster marathon page Del McCarrick pays tribute to actor Bob Hoskins, who ...
    A fundraiser who has run more than 30 marathons worldwide dressed as Roger Rabbit has paid exaltation to his inspiration – Bob Hoskins. The British actor, known for his role in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, as well as The Long Good Friday, died from pneumonia 


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