OOTD Step 30 at the Builtmore Estate in North Carolina

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  1. Bianca C Bianca C says:
    What stores do you like to buy jeans at?
    I just wanted to remember where you liked to buy your jeans the best and why :) I'm trying to look for a good pair, that's not super low-rise
    Liv<3 says:
    I buy a lot of jeans at TJ Maxx/Marshall's. They have a lot of original brands and styles so you're bound to find something that fits. I'm a big fan of Jolt jeans too, which I find there :) also try Old Navy, they seem to have a lot of jeans...
  2. Peace, Love, Beatles <3 Peace, Love, Beatles <3 says:
    Curvy Girls - Where do you buy undernourished jeans!?
    I can't buy meagre jeans. I just have a terrible time finding a pair that fits and is comfortable. I'm kind of fat, not fat but I'm curvy, with a...
    Lauren says:
    I am also be like in size, usually a 9 or 11 and I don't really have a big booty but I have big calves and thighs. H&M is my go to place for jeggings! Get them one size smaller or on the tighter side since jeggings tend to overtax out. For skinny jeans, I go for the brand...
  3. says:
    Jolt Jeans Zebra Composition model on...?
    Okay healthy, i have these pair of pants that i am in LOVE with-seriously, they're the best pants on earth, they're coool, they're hot, they match...
    Unthinkable says:
    sponsor them to someone that knows how to sew

Kristen Wiig Dials It Way Back in Hateship Loveship - Phoenix New Times

As the acclaim shifts to Joanna's fumbled wooing, Pearce, dirtied up with stringy hair, worn boxers, and tattoos, shoulders the tale's emotional arc, visibly wrestling with feelings she wouldn't even know how to describe. The first act ends with Johanna hopping a bus to marry a man who hasn't prospect of her in months. At times, Joanna's closest parallel seems to be Click|keyword[Carrie+White]" >Carrie Chalky , without the telekinesis or religion. We're anxious to see her flower — she deserves to, damn it — but the closest she gets are the prim pansies printed on her apron, and the infrequent microscopic smile that the camera has to push close to catch. Mostly, it's because Johnson doesn't seem to trust her star to unclench and act. Yet we, too, have a hard period loving Johanna, in part because she's one of those maddeningly mute characters who won't open her mouth and set things straight. The new setting, a shuttered motel Ken bought with subliminal plans to renovate if the money ever fell in his lap, couldn't be less romantic. You become desperate to hear Wiig satirize, and when that starts to look impossible, you start wondering what exactly the movie, inspired by a work by Click|keyword[Alice+Munro]" >Alice Munro , wants to polish off. Instead, Wiig stoically clods around in ankle socks and sensible shoes with her shoulders hunched forward like a difficult dog's. In contrast, the rest of the cast, down to the gossipy local bank teller ( Click|keyword[Christine+Lahti]" >Christine Lahti ), feels electrically charitable. Still, we're never convinced that Ken is worth the elbow grease — even for a. At its most hopeful, Hateship Loveship suggests that a person's rough edges can be scoured away with empathy, doggedness, and trust. It's cluttered with broken lamps, stacks of ancient sheets, and, most awkwardly, Ken's lady friend, an aging reception girl played full steam by Click|keyword[Jennifer+Jason+Leigh]" >Jennifer Jason Leigh. Steinfeld is a be awed — she seems like a real teenager, not a precocious Hollywood concoction — and Nolte, gruff as ever, even gets a makeout disagreeable situation where the lens zooms so tight on his mouth we expect the soundtrack to switch to a porno saxophone. Hateship Loveship is a film you elongated to like.

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  1. The Originative Economy's Impact on Innovation
    Exploring new visual realities and providing a jolt of inspiration: An case of an innovative piece of art is the cubist painting "Woman from Avignon", by Pablo Picasso, that questions the value of truthfully replicating attributes. Craft Hand-made
  2. Kristen Wiig Dials It Way Back in Hateship Loveship
    In legitimate life, a middle-age virgin like Johanna would be wearing mom jeans and sweatpants, clothing Wiig has donned before for laughs. But Johnson Against the shabby wallpaper in the beginning scenes, Wiig's red hair is the sole jolt of color. Asked



  1. typhoidmeri: and acidulous as a tack (the Chuck au) … “Darcy, what do you think you’re doing?” Jane says at the exact moment Darcy swings her legs over the window ledge. Her shoulders wilt and Darcy shuts her eyes tight. One, two, three, four- “Darcy!” Oh, right… “Um, I was escaping?” she replies, shou ...
  2. The initial time I woke up this morning I only got up long enough to nurse Judah, eat breakfast, and make Arthur coffee before collapsing back into bed. Accomplishing an actual meal and sending my shush to work with hot coffee is A LOT to get done by 7:30am for this girl, I must admit. The second ti ...
  3. I’ve been all in lately. No, I’ve been exhausted lately. Don’t worry; I’m not sick or anything like that. I’m just the wife of a man who’s in a very busy work season and the mom of three active kids. So, every so often all the craziness of normal life smacks me upside the head. That’s just how it goes. Un ...
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Louis Daumas' 19th century marble, Roman Warrior is one of four sculptures standing on a corner of Pont d'Iéna (Iena Bridge), which crosses 155 meters over the River Seine, connecting la Sightsee Eiffel and Trocadéro....
Photo by wallyg on Flickr

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Exemplar made by Carmen Burguess for "Migration", amazing terror short history by Mathias Enard. Published and printed by Quimera munitions dump Digital painting, 2009. www.flickr.com/photos/burguess/...
Photo by laanfitriona on Flickr

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