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  1. TORI TORI says:
    Where Can I Buy The Jordan 4 Retro GS?? In Stores (Not Online)?
    My Mom Said I Can Ask For Jordan's For Christmas But She Is Only Buying These If She Can Buy Them In The Market. HELP ME!! Please Tell Me Where They...
    Longfellow says:
    Although I'm penitent I know you said not to buy online, but I want to say that the shoes you want in the entity shop perhaps it will be very hard to get, and I think buying on the Internet is very helpful, and recently or black Friday or activities are favorable, the shop is...
  2. Italian Stallion. Italian Stallion. says:
    Air Jordan Retro 4 entertain?
    Just wondering how the fit is for the Air Jordan Retro 4, I on the whole wear a 10.5 US mens nike but i heard they run a 1/2 size big, can any1 verify...
    Sur La Mer says:
    Overcome answer is to try them on in person and walk in them. Buyer beware when it comes to buying shoes online, and I do not rec. using PayPal. I got screwed, took 3 years for my credit. I just bought 2 pair of shoes, $700 merit @ Zappos, where they have free shipping & free...
  3. BabyKayy:] BabyKayy:] says:
    I just bought jordan retros 6?
    Im a dimensions 4 in girls normally. but I got the shoes in boys and i got a size 3y but it says preschool 3y. Is that going to fit me? I just realized...
    Aubrey says:
    When I bought my Retro 4s I asked JordanDepot and they helped me out. It's a definitely cool Air Jordan website

Raw Retro Review: Chapter 4: Lex Luger in Action - Daily DDT

Accomplished heel promo, they had heat when they came out, and they had more when they left. Watching these older shows is a lot of fun, they show how different wrestling used to be. The squash matches are something I fancy they should be doing more of in today’s product, but that’s a discussion for a different day. DiBiase won a coin toss with Irwin R. Schyster to decide which one of them would take on Beefcake. Vince still has questions and Beefcake admits that it’s a adequate question, but he says that Hogan told him to “go for it,” and that was the motivation that he needed. He explained his accident and what it was like in the moments afterward, and that the only person who was there for him was Derelict Hogan. For more on WWE and the WWE Network, stick with Daily DDT. Jordan talked about great NFL passers like Warren Moon and Fran Tarkenton, then introduced “the finish passer,” Mr. Perfect. Jordan was the tight end for Mr. Perfect’s hometown Minnesota Vikings. Vince is no Renee Young, but he does a good job of making trusty the message stays on track. Beefcake said he was ready to take on all challengers. Vince announced that this was the first time that Beefcake was on TV since he was in a near-lethal boating accident. Ted DiBiase came out and recited the “Humpty Dumpty” nursery rhyme in reference to Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake. Sublime then “threw” perfect passes to Jordan, and finished it off by throwing a long touchdown pass to himself. He then answered Beefcake’s open challenge. Jimmy Hart then came out and questioned if one of these guys should get in the camorra, because if they get hurt, that would end the tag team. Vince asked if the comeback was a good idea, and Beefcake told him that before the accident, both his parents died and he got divorced and explained that he became a dangerous man. He compared his suffering in the accident to the pain he could suffer in the ring, and said there would be no comparison. I like the format with Vince going into the hoop and interviewing a Superstar. Finally, Hart pulled them away and said that they had stuff to talk about. Schyster and DiBiase were confident though. Good conversation.

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  1. Sneaker collectors are wealthy crazy over massive restocking of retro Air Jordans
    TWEET. EMAIL. The shoe supplier Eastbay announced that they will present a big amount of retro Nike Air Jordan sneakers this Saturday morning for order on their website. Sneakerheads responded like you would expect them to — they all lost their minds.
  2. The Air Jordan 1 Retro '86 Shows the Stygian Side of the Concord
    The Air Jordan 1 has scads iterations to offer a myriad of outputs for Jordan Brand's inspirations and themes. The Air Jordan 1 Retro '86 incorporates elements specifically of the Air Jordan 2, like the textured fly the coop wrap and bold wings logo on the



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