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  1. lexi♥ lexi♥ says:
    Legitimate Juicy Couture?
    Juicy couture princess says:
    Buying juicy couture online is bare risky. I prefer to just buy from the official juicy couture store, and of course stores that sell their products like nordstroms, bloomingdales, neiman marcus, ect. These stores also have really compelling sales and you can also buy juicy on...
  2. Hughy Boy Hughy Boy says:
    Where Can I Get A Juicy Couture Tracksuit (UK)?
    Selfridges do them but not anywhere near where I spend (scotland). You cant get it off the website either, where can I get it off the net in UK...
    Nisha Banger says:
    Buy Juicy Tracksuits and Juicy Couture @ Juicy Couture is a trade mark well known for its stylish and urbane fashion products. The company was founded in 1994 by Gela Nash and Pamela Skaist-Levy. Juicy Couture offers products for men, women, kids and dogs...
  3. curious curious says:
    Juicy Couture?
    I be familiar with Juicy Couture makes men's clothes but how come they don't sell men's clothes at the actual store? I actually like some of te men's Juicy...
    Scott says:
    The Juicy Couture cooperative store does sell Juicy, it just depends on which one you go to. If you visit, and look up their store locations, it will show you which ones cater to Men. Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Barney's are all Boisterous-End Department...

Pillar-butoh fest showcases brave new world - Chicago Tribune

According to her program notes, she's been performing for 40 years. Morbidly heavy and sexually ambiguous, Hernandez performed a striptease in "Untitled (BODYBYU)" — shimmying, sticking out his tongue, sprawling across the planking — that read as a devastating satire of corporate seduction. When a performer from a later piece stepped outside, in her bloody Bo Peep kit, to smoke a cigarette — standing next to what seemed an actual homeless woman — the line between life and theater, the odd and the "normal," was pretty much... Holly Chernobyl calls herself "camouflaged" in a program note describing "Abandon Future's Market," but her pre-show performance on Randolph was anything but. A product of post-World War II Japan, it's pointedly curious, glacially slow (think the MacArthur grant-winning duo Eiko & Koma) and culturally subversive. "Spawned Seeds, a Function Butoh Festival" gathers artists from around the world compelled but not necessarily constrained by this distinctive art. "Storm of Blossom," by. Prodigious and infantile, artificial and animal, Hernandez offered a totemic presence but little development of his ideas. Butoh isn't your everyday pleasure. Though uneven, this five-artist showcase defined courage and integrity. And if the fest's first performance was any indication (the final, on Saturday, features an unexceptionally different lineup at the Cultural Center), entertainment is not only possible, it's crucial. As the evening's least entertaining piece, Andy Braddock's "The Difficulty Concerning Technology 2" was perhaps its most subversive. Julie Becton Gillum's anti-patriotic "Pledge" was similarly self-evident, though she did confront one of the last frontiers in body-based performance: age. In the theater, we discovered ROSE (Jose Hernandez), standing more naked in a clear plastic cape and high heels, the words "Juicy Couture " in hot pink lettering above his buttocks. Passersby not only stopped to sit with but arranged themselves, amphitheater-style, around Chernobyl, delivering a panoply of reactions that was fine theater in itself.

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  1. Juicy Couture in Georgetown is Closing; Is Kate Spade Effective?
    It's the end of the crow's-foot for the Juicy Couture on M Street in Georgetown. It's been coming for awhile: in 2013, parent company Kate Spade & Co (formerly Fifth & Pacific) announced that a several of Juicy stores would be converted to Kate Spades. Then
  2. Charleston City Paper Tees by Tina takes over Juicy Couture's glimpse on King Street
    Juicy Couture is out, and Tees by Tina is in at 278 Sovereign St. Instead of velour sweatpants and large totes, shoppers can now purchase an array of one-size-fits-most tops as well as leggings, skirts, and dresses. Tina, a certified Pilates don



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