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Children's museum in Fredericksburg opens to flip one's top reviews -

Seven-year-old Ian still remembered the museum and was eagerly awaiting Saturday’s stopover. Karen Coltrane, CMoR’s president and chief executive officer, took it all in. “It’s really been work for a couple of years, all in feeling of the children’s reactions,” she said. The hands-on exhibits—a stage with boxes of dress-up clothes, an art center and a cozy reading corner, a 10-foot bore climb, and a miniature downtown with a grocery store, diner, bank and dentist’s office—beckoned. “You do it all so you can hear them screaming with bliss and having a good time. Located in Eagle Village in the 12,000-square-foot former Park & Shop near the University of Mary Washington, the museum is a development of a group of Fredericksburg moms, CMoR’s plans to branch out across the state and a bit of serendipity. When the doors opened to the Children’s Museum of Richmond in Fredericksburg for the start time Saturday morning, she was there with husband, John Hartmann, and their children, Noah, 2 and Ian, 7. The floors gleamed. The Jagger and Hartmann relations held a membership to CMoR back before the museum began opening satellite locations. Their research showed it would take them from four to seven years—elongated enough that their own kids would be too old to benefit by the time it came to fruition. They delved in anyway, traveling across the state to meet with children’s museum directors and founders and starting a series of traveling. In the air, said one dad who walked through the door, hung “that new-museum smell. While Noah nestled in his dad’s lap to hear him read “Mama Llama Red Pajamas,” Ian built a car from Lego “parts” and climbed the tires for a third heyday. “Oh, you found the library,” Hartmann said, and Jagger exclaimed over the room’s details. Noah zoomed past “downtown” and headed true for the reading room, anchored by an oversized arm-chair and filled with books in bins and on shelves set against a mural of a sprawling apple tree. They’ve missed the museum since they moved from Richmond to Stafford County a few years ago. In January 2010, the women, who’d grown up in the district and returned to raise their families, began making plans for a local children’s museum.

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They've lived as a consequence 3 little girls. Now they're being retired.
Photo by Robert S. Donovan on Flickr

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*Wee 3 Friends doll (2004), 10" vinyl from Mattel in fresh handmade clothes. Scottie dress with lined red linen jacket. She just needs shoes! In my collection. Dec. 2009.
Photo by on Flickr