most extravagant Game of Thrones episode ever -

Tormund’s combine of cannibals, wargs and axe-wielding. I’ve split the recap into three subsections, covering the build-up to the battle, the battle itself, and the aftermath. •From Sam’s pronto fading innocence to, well, the wildlings. Adorable, virginal Sam decided to pass the time by quizzing Jon about women, love, sex and Ygritte, asking correctly penetrating questions such as, “How big were her feet. Before the battle. Political machinations, creepy love stories and hefty doses of Westerosi legalese have dominated the show. For the beginning time since Blackwater back in season two, an entire episode was rooted in one part of Westeros, as the wildlings launched their attack on the Wall. “Pretentiously I don’t know,” Jon replied, after several failed attempts to muster an explanation. Settle down with a steaming bowl of rabbit stew, or maybe just a few chickens, because this is about to get slow. If you’ve read the books, that’s fantastic, but keep any earth-shattering spoilers to yourself or I’ll get one of those wildling giants to sit on you. “You’re as close as I’ll get to knowing. This was the most extravagant hour of television in Game of Thrones’ history, and frankly, I don’t care if Weiss and Benioff borrowed money from the Iron Bank of Braavos to hard cash it. The battle was awesome enough to justify pretty much any expense. •After assuring Jon that their vows did not specifically forbid sex (funny, you’d think someone else would have noticed that), Sam asked him what the more often than not shebang was like. •The episode began atop the Wall, where Jon and Sam were sharing watch duty. So, this week’s full scale bloodbath was in point of fact quite refreshing. REMINDER: We’re discussing the TV show here. Between Joffrey’s murder and that rather distasteful business with the crushed watermelon last week, this time has been saturated with subtlety. “We’re all going to die a lot sooner than I’d planned,” he said. ” Jon was half amused, half awkwardness personified, but Sam did not waver in his chasing of sexual truth. There were some critical plot developments — the end of Jon Snow’s relationship with Ygritte, the true beginning of Sam’s relationship with Gilly, and a few more heartbreaking deaths for trustworthy measure.


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