DIY Lace Shape Denim shorts + How I wear them! (BuyorDIY)

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Questions & answers

  1. Cheyenne Cheyenne says:
    Where can I buy adorable lace shorts online?
    What style of tights/leggings/stockings would look good under these:
    Samantha says:
    I got some remarkably cute ones at forever21 and urban outfitters that they have in the store but they aren't up on their website any more. But here are some links to some ones that i could find:...
  2. liz liz says:
    where can i buy lace biker shorts?
    i friendship the look of lace biker shorts with jean shorts on top. but i cant find them anywhere! help? this is the look im going...
    Billy M says:
    Hi Liz! You can buy lace biker shorts on Amazon....
  3. liljingoling liljingoling says:
    Does anyone kno where i can buy a lace hem minuscule?
    its like a legging. just indeed short, sightly longer than those short denim. any site/stores(NYC) i dont want to spend $18 on it. O____O...
    mellamomelissa says:
    i haven't seen this comfort before, so i just reccomend buying spandex shorts and sowing lace on the bottom. that would be super cheap (:

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  1. Okay, I really love this pair of lace shorts. The shorts are made of chiffon material so it was really comfortable to wear and the drawstrings on the shorts makes it look super laid back. I personally think that the floral put out makes the shorts look super dainty and the lace makes it very femin ...
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