No More Lace Panties by HPFirearms

When other countries old-fashioned stupid laws such as this, we are the first to say that it's against their rights as humans. Then why do we allow our own governme.

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  1. Giselle Giselle says:
    would you let your 16 year old daughter bore laced underwear like the shorts ones not thongs?
    Minnow says:
    Here's the fixation. At 16, if she buys them, and I don't see them, then she won't be breaking any rule I have. However, I would not buy them for her, and she would be told why, and I won't wash them for her (note, by 16 I'm not washing her clothes ANYWAY.) If she develops a...
  2. cherry m cherry m says:
    what crayon do people usually buy underwear?
    zoya says:
    Anything BUT spotless!!! Well,maybe a couple white just to have in case I'm wearing white pants or shorts,but I avoid white. It is the most boring color panties you could under any circumstances wear. Even the lace ones are not the greatest.
  3. says:
    How do you don a sheer lace panty?
    I just bought a uncommonly pretty sheer lace panty at a very low price as an employee gratis at Victoria's Secret. I am used to wearing Hanes or Fruit of...
    Sur La Mer says:
    Varied lace panties bought @ VS, always falls or slips down, specially those with lace garters. Buyer Beware! They're worn like any panties!
  4. Laugh Laugh says:
    Where should I buy my underwear?
    Ok I understand this is a weird question but I need some new underwear lol. I have not bought any in a long time so I dk where to buy them at. I am a 16...
    Tia M says:
    The kindest places to find cheap underwear is at your local Walmart or Target. I am not suggesting this as a joke. GOOD LUCK!

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  1. Here’s the bra to marriage the Mix 30 underwear I made recently. (Underwear post here!) I’m pretty excited about this set as it’s so colourful and fun. I rarely buy lingerie in colours, especially when there are contrasting panels as it always shows through. But when you sew your own, you don’t have to ...
  2. The bartender’s personage is Joe, what else would it be? I’ll bet that at least 67% of the bartenders in the world are named Joe. This particular Joe is a fountain of information. It helps that I’m pretty and it helps that I have an expense account. Lot’s of things assistants but in the end it is the quality o ...
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Photo by Psicoloco on Flickr

Photo by Psicoloco on Flickr