Levis 501 Denim Jeans - Pucker up to Fit

Mathew Forster from Levi's UK gives us the info on the Prototype Levis 501 Denim Jean in the Shrink to fit denim. Levi's engineered demin in various washes and.

Questions & answers

  1. Tereza Tereza says:
    Where can I buy Levi's jeans cheapest in New York?
    Hey, I dearth to buy Levi's jeans in New York. Can you help me where is it best? Thanks. The best for me would be, if there is some store in Macy's.
    LJ says:
    Do you signal actual Levi's jeans (as in the brand) or just cheap jeans? If you mean the actual brand, Levi's as an international brand, is good at controlling prices. It's unlikely that, except for specific sales, you'll declare cut rate Levi's in any particular store. (There are...
  2. kr3w kr3w says:
    where can i buy levis 511 bony jeans for guys?
    i necessary to know where i can buy levis 511 skinny jeans for guys? can someone please tell me??? if not tell me about other skinny jeans cuz i am a...
    rich b says:
    man about town, u got lots of choices in skinny jeans! 4 starters, levis 511 skinny jeans r available @ lots of stores: http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_041J0111000P?vName=Clothing&cName=Men%27s&sName=Denim&gauze=Brand%7CLevis...
  3. brandon k brandon k says:
    Where to buy Levi's jeans online in Canada?
    I've been frustrating to buy Levi's jeans online on Amazon.com but it seems they only ship to US addresses? I don't want to buy on E-Bay.
    Linda S says:
    Levi's has a website for Canadian customers: http://levi.ca/canada/en/inaction.asp The site carries the complete line of available Levi's styles and sizes and I've bought from the site, it's safe, secure and has excellent customer service. You can also find levi's at Sear'...

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  1. NBC 7 San Diego Feds: Man Smuggled Labels to Transmute $192K Worth of Fake Levi's Jeans
    A Southern California man is now awaiting sentencing after pleading culpable to smuggling fake labels, tags and buttons across the U.S.-Mexico border meant to be used to manufacture at least $192,000 value of counterfeit brand-name jeans. According to U
  2. Five things to start the day: Lore from your Levi's, women CEOs being ...
    When you judge about disruptive innovation, do Levi's jeans come to mind? They should, according to a new Bloomberg video interview with Levi's President JC Curleigh. The 501 jeans - around since 1890 - were born from a necessity for a product; the original 



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  6. Levis old zip-fly jean has built a dedicated following for its ... Clothing & Accessories: See all 737 items; Levi's Women's 535 Legging Jean by Levi's.
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  9. Levis conventional zip-fly jean has built a dedicated following for its ... Clothing & Accessories: See all 737 items; Levi's Women's 535 Legging Jean by Levi's.
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Multiple washes. Regularly Shoot assignment 389: Blue jeans and denim are pervasive. Incorporate a pair of jeans or the material into a photograph today.
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