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  1. brooke_and_mike brooke_and_mike says:
    where can i buy affordable lingerie online?
    im exceedingly tight on money right now...wondering what websites have really affordable bras/panties...or sets...anything like that really...anywhere...
    Tony says:
    You can buy lingeries online for two-bit from
  2. Anne M Anne M says:
    Where can I buy Intimissimi lingerie online?
    I have bought it from the Victoria's Private online shop before, but they don't have it anymore. Hope someone can help me :-)
    says: I have a ton of INTIMISSIMI for sale on ebay at the site listed above. I will be adding 40 new bras over the next for days. Great prices, super close free shipping in the US and other Victoria's Secret merchandise for sale....
  3. kowsalya kowsalya says:
    How to Buy Lingerie Online?
    specialgirl says:
    font lingerie in your address bar that will give you many sites to choose I personally use Victoria's Secret love all the products from clothing, lingerie and lotions
  4. Hater of Ignorance Hater of Ignorance says:
    where can i buy lingerie online?
    Angel says:
    You can buy it here -...

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  1. Daily Mail Truly&Co identifies more than 6000 breast shapes and find lingerie to suit each ...
    Lam thinks that as more women head for the company's online quiz, their product line will diversify and women with more unusual proportions will be able to buy a bra that really fits them. 'This is just the beginning of the coming of shopping. True&Co has
    You own a lingerie fund, Jo. Good morning. Jo: Hi Linda. Look I was waiting on this because I really felt compelled to tell you of my experience that I've had through the week and it's fashionable more common now what's happening. I own a lingerie store
  3. Victoria's Clandestine suing ex-manager for Garden State Plaza store
    his insider's adeptness of the company's credit and discounting policies to cheat the lingerie chain out of "substantial sums" of money. In a lawsuit filed in U.S. Territory Court, lawyers for Victoria's Secret said Nematalla teamed up with others
  4. StyleBistro Online Bra Boutique Veracious&Co. is About to Change Your Lingerie Drawer for Good
    It's a problem worth asking and if Michelle Lam, founder of the online lingerie boutique True&Co., has anything to say about it, the days of one-bra-design-fits-all may well be at an end. Online Bra Boutique True & Co is About to Exchange Your Lingerie
  5. Tampa institute Todd Couples Superstore finds new home in Port Richey
    Movies are still sold, but with the cultivation of online streaming sites, the emphasis shifted from DVDs to lingerie and novelties. In 2009, the Todd added "Couples "It took about a day to get over it," she said. It took less patch for 26-year-old



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