Topshop Hayden Boyfriend Jeans Lookbook

Topshop Hayden Boyfriend Jeans Lookbook Hi guys I recently purchased Topshop's new dash of jeans called hayden and decided to put together a mini lookbook s.

Questions & answers

  1. beans1947 beans1947 says:
    where can you buy lois jeans? kelowna b.c. canada?
    Jilly says:
    They are sold great-wide. If you go to , click on 'where to buy ', then you can put your city and email information there, and someone will contact you.
  2. Teresa Teresa says:
    Does anyone be acquainted with where I can find Lois jeans in London or on-line?
    They seem to have stopped selling them universally.
    Priscilla's Q's!!! says:
    favourably theres this store in brownsville texas that ahas a store called sunrise and i bought sum lois jeans in their boutique called SWAREA GOOD LUCK
  3. Alice Alice says:
    What goes with purple jeans (maid)?
    I just bought a partner of purple skinny jeans (I've always wanted a pair lol) but am having trouble finding things that match with them. What...
    Bridgeridoo says:
    Low-spirited,white,cream,green,yellow,orange.Red clashes a bit but I like to wear it with purple! Wear tops you'd normally wear with skinnies,so vests,t-shirts, empire sort tops,hoodies, shirts,tunics, sweatshirts. etc. For shoes go with boots (ankle or knee) pumps or lace up shoes....

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  2. United Church Observer Big kids on campus
    With only half an hour to go before our occasion, the four of us dashed about, setting up tables, folding and stacking jeans, T-shirts and party dresses. We amassed a Lois Wilson, a former senator and the oldest female moderator of the United Church



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  2. Every now and again things de facto do work out for a reason. Normally, the phrase "ask and thee shall receive" is a crock of the proverbial. But, like I said, every now and again, the shopping Gods smile down on us. The other week I posted my ravenousness desire list and then very nicely enquired on Twitter as to w ...
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