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  1. says:
    Where can I buy a long evening decorate online?
    I already looked in nordstrom, neiman marcus and joe label. Where else can I shop for elegant and designer evening gowns online? My price range is...
    Rashbis says:
    Hey M, One of the most high-ranking and vital decisions you will face at some point in your life is choosing the ideal evening dress. The actual process of shopping can be a lovely and challenging adventure. Amidst the overall staggering task of shopping for something special,...
  2. Ƹ̴Ӂ̴ƷVirtueღ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴ƷVirtueღ says:
    I poverty a cheap, long evening gown?
    I am 5'5, have an olive complexion, and am consummate weight. I am looking for a formal evening gown. I am on a low budget, so I will only be able to...
    xo379 says:
    Hmm under 100 is bought for a long dress! I vacillate you'll be able to find a long-sleeved long dress (which is hard to find anyway) under 100. But here are some that may not be long sleeved (like the pic you showed) but aren't super super tight and are cute and under 100:...
  3. Panda Panda says:
    Should I not have bought the long outfit? 10 Pts!?
    Hey. So I was scraping up for a dress for this important wedding im going to, and I bought the dress; its non-refundable/returnable, but now Im sort...
    Amanda says:
    I'm unflinching you will look fabulous in long dress, as long as you curvy. Please, not everybody have model figure, only a few can be tall and curvy at the same time, don't worry, you'll be ok and everybody would be stunned by you !

Engineering Politesse - The New York Review of Books (blog)

In 2008, these holdings were transferred to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, along with the unreserved fashion collection of the Brooklyn Museum, which, in financial straits, could no longer maintain it. This is all the more striking in view of the era in which he reached the height of his vocation. There he subsisted on handouts from the jewelry designer Elsa Peretti and fitted dresses on the fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez, who returned the compliment by making powerful drawings of the by-then-forgotten couturier’s work, helping to revive... Yet only when I saw the Brooklyn Museum’s revelatory 1982 retrospective The Virtuoso of Charles James did I fully comprehend why he’d attained cult status among style insiders. During the 1930s, women’s clothing was typically limp and clinging, but James, pursuing his own innovations in these years, was able to achieve strong, sculptural shapes with stiff materials like grosgrain and taffeta that stood away from the viscosity. But when I told my colleague Babs Simpson , a longtime Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue editor, about this discovery she replied, unimpressed, “Wonderfully, for that sort of thing there was only Charley James. Deemed the supreme couturier of their generation by Cristóbal Balenciaga and Christian Dior, he ended up in destitution and drug-addled squalor at Manhattan’s Chelsea Hotel. Indeed, the highly constructed garments created by the Anglo-American Charles James (1906–1978) reach Shamask’s striking but lightweight pieces seem more like origami than architecture. In the early 1980s, my wife and I became intrigued by the geometrically inspired “architectural” clothing of a new Dutch-born conspirator, Ronaldus Shamask. Some of James’s evening dresses are such feats of fabric engineering that they can stand up by themselves. The museum had received an incomparable cache of his couture from the deviser himself, who was eager to secure a place in design history, and he encouraged his favorite clients to donate their Jameses as well. I’d known about this Anglo-American marvel from the photographer Cecil Beaton’s glittering interwar diaries, as well as from depressing accounts of James’s sad final years.

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