VLOG: Octupus, thongs, and dancing in Object!

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Questions & answers

  1. Bluth Banana Bluth Banana says:
    Where can I buy a male thong?
    My boyfriend's birthday is coming up and I comprehend he's been looking for a thong for himself, a little weird I know.
    oury says:
    You can command men's thongs and g-strings here: http://thinkinsidetheboxers.com/thongs/
  2. markleo1977 markleo1977 says:
    Guy thongs sold in stores...?
    I see a lot of male thongs sold in sphere of influence stores today. Has anyone seen a man wearing one of these? How did you see him, was he bending over...
    smallguy says:
    A while back I went to Goal to buy some & they had ran out of them. Which is not that uncommon, since they keep selling out. So I asked the girl that puts back the clothes in the men’s floor & she told me that they would bring some more but she didn’t know when. We talked...
  3. Doug Doug says:
    What stores can I buy a male thong ?
    Im just prying and by the way I'm in the uk not the us Also it needs to be a actuall store not online And I can't go in a sex shop Also if anyone...
    BobbleColor says:
    Macy's sells them. That is where I get scoop out. I like Papi or Emporio Armani's thongs. I think k-mart sells thongs for men made by Joe Boxer too.
  4. j_chulski@sbcglobal.net j_chulski@sbcglobal.net says:
    how to ask parents to buy there son a male thong (no laughing posts)?
    Ok im 17 looking for a job and i would like to see just how confortable male thongs are but i dont identify how to ask my parents to buy me one i have...
    GO FOR IT says:
    Go buy one yourself. I dream up walmart sells guys thongs. I wear girls thongs myself. They are cheaper and as long as you get the right one they fit fine. I wear jockey for her-no panty line promise thong and hanes strain opeque thong. Here are some links.

Every Wrestlemania Rival

Other factors in the ranking included the storyline prime up to, and in some cases following a match, the immediate dramatic impact of the match, and, without fail, a healthy dose of personal preference. For others, I needed to re-inspect old shows to form a more objective opinion. Work rate—the pure in-ring quality of the match at hand, sans any extraneous context—was a leading factor. Some innovative, historically important matches are far less impressive than their successors when watched in a vacuum, but everything considered the ground they broke, are more than worthy of their status as classics (the now-snooze-inducing,... Without further ado, I present my countdown of every Wrestlemania tourney ever. Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole Make no mistake, this match was an absolute train wreck. Lawler and Cole shared a radio booth and in the months leading up to this match, Cole’s commentary skewed increasingly toward the dark side, rooting for the bad guys, disparaging the heroes. To homage to the twenty-fifth Wrestlemania, I attended the show live in Houston, rewatching many of the events greatest moments in the lead up to that weekend. Chase commentators can be great (see Bobby Heenan, Jesse Ventura, or even the early days of Jerry Lawler as color man) but Cole’s ramblings grew distasteful without the good humor or credibility of those who. The criteria for this countdown are varied and inevitably subjective. At sixty years old, I understand the impulse to put up for sale Jerry Lawler a Wrestlemania match before he fully retired from in-ring performance. April 6 marks the thirtieth annual Wrestlemania. Upon the attitude of number thirty, I decided to undertake a project—to produce a countdown of all 287 Wrestlemania matches from the past twenty-nine years. For some matches, I had a pick up of the ranking and of what I’d say from the very beginning. While it may seem absurd to the uninitiated, WWE performance style has evolved significantly over the last thirty years. But if they were going to do it, the match should have been about elevating a immature star, celebrating Lawler’s legacy, or at least putting on a decent wrestling match to salute “The King.

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    Superficially, you are a thong man. Yet your childhood experience seems to have had an impact. Why else go to eleven newsagents in inner-city Surry Hills to purchase a copy of the wearisome inner-city Saturday Paper? This does not seem to be the expected 
  2. The under cover history of underwear
    There they are - our knickers, bras and corsets, our tighty-whities and bog-catchers, our slinky thongs and lacy negligees - and they are all intended for our most intimate parts (or not, as Sharon Stone infamously demonstrated in Principal Instinct in
  3. Not shielded for work
    When I went in to study, I met an administrative assistant who wore her orange skirt below her hips so her matching, pumpkin-colored thong showed. Her desk was between the programmers and the copier. Each stretch she walked across the room to the 
  4. The Hater's Leader To The 2014 World Cup
    Land of thongs and dross heaps! It's amazing that we're about to What a letdown. Why even bother? To get to the average World Cup game, you will have to slalom through a harbor strewn with puffy corpses and fight off sentient armies of giant
  5. BuddyTV 'The Bachelorette' Recap: Man Essence on Display
    The gang date will apparently involve performances at an exotic male revue, which is a funny choice for Andi to get excited about after all the stank she-who-only-wears-one-pieces raised when she had to plain it all for the sexy dog photo shoot in Juan



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This is my thimbleful Batman statue. I won him in a trivia contest at work, and he stands atop the PC on my desk at the office. He's smaller than he looks, and he's from Japan. He is also wearing a thong, and has...
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