Pitfall Underwear Costume Tutorial Vest Review by Men's Underwear Guy

This is a video to give you a closer look at the vest set that I purchased for my Comedian Underwear Costume. Hi Underwear Fans.

Questions & answers

  1. Dylan M. Dylan M. says:
    Where in Roma, Italy can I buy mens silk boxer shorts?
    silk or satin boxers. or what other gentlemanly underwear could I get while in Rome? what's popular there for young guys??
    Mattson Waldschmidt says:
    honestly- anything goes.......... i lived in japan and when anyone from italy visited we just laughed at their freaky fashion sense, but i live in the US now so i c wat ur coming from. Just go to any mens clothing store and ask the clerk, they most often know english
  2. says:
    Where can I buy men's rattle-brained weight nylon underwear in New Zealand?
    I am looking for upon weight hipster briefs in New Zealand. Most NZ men's underwear is made of heavy weight cotton that any army would use for...
    Andy L. says:
    Silk http://www.nz.thehouseofsilk.com/divide up.php/92/1/mens-underwear/67084872ce3dc00e91245b8f34229321 KMart is a potential http://www.kmart.co.nz/stores/default.asp?location=north
  3. MATHEW S MATHEW S says:
    Silk underwear for men to impair?
    Where in the UK can I get silk underwear (mens) I hostile i used to wear some for 2 and a half years but i got ripped eventually.. anybody know some...
    j o n a t h a n says:
    buy chick panties, who cares what a mark says
  4. pooldude pooldude says:
    i have an underwear open to debate unthinkable?
    i am a 17 year old guy and a subordinate in high school. i am STRAIGHT and like girls! i love the feel of girl's underwear and how they fit me. the...
    melissa says:
    Have you for ever tried silk boxers? You get the nice feel of feminine undies while still wearing men's underwear. They are more expensive but i know guys who swear by them

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