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  1. captberzerk captberzerk says:
    Michael Jordan form ?
    I've been a Michael Jordan fan since i was born i clothed in Jordan shoes and clothes ive been to his games and ive seen him play. But unfortunately, i...
    Eddie says:
    I haven't heard anything about Jordan making any appearences anywhere haha. I differentiate he's buying a house in Miami but that's about it.
  2. Maestro Knows Maestro Knows says:
    who here strongly dislikes Michael Jordan?
    I do. He's a devoted player; I'm not arguing that, but he's what you call nowadays a "D-BAG". He thinks he's larger than life (you have to place the...
    Mohammad [Spurs/Bears/Tigers] says:
    After the induction elocution, I realized how horrible that the guy has to be. I lost some respect for him. Growing up, I was pretty young watching Jordan play but I can remember watching him, and always looking up to him as "the greatest". To be honest, I don't see Jordan as the...
  3. nolan nolan says:
    what clothes should i corrosion and cologne 13 yrs old?
    im a 13 yr old i desire to no wat cologne to BUY and what clothes to wear im kinda preppy im also a dude
    Makayla says:
    Michael Jordan, Nelly...Uhm Polo...those are some lofty ones...there are tons of them these are just some ones i like.

What 1st-graders deep down think about moms - Monmouth Daily Review Atlas

If her mother constantly wonders whether Eva is listening, wonder no more. Last week, I decided to bring Molly, Ava, Nathan, Jordan, Michael, Dara and Koleson together for a chat. When I asked why Eva why she thought her mother was so nice, she started with ice cream and ended by telling me that her mother says, "I love you," a lot. "She's a really great mom and I want her to know that I love her. Dara, our resident redhead with matching firecracker personality, talked about how much she likes her mother's trickiness. With our clothes on. " She also spoke of a circus lapse that nearly didn't. "She pulled me and my brother in the tub once. " Nathan, whose mother is a teacher, said he knows his mother loves him because she lets him pop in her classroom before school. She's "very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very nice. His mother's dauntless efforts to locate the sock were a message of love. " Molly also took time to explain how her mother shows liking by letting her play with a neighbor. Before he signed off, he grinned and said, "She's sometimes goofy. Molly's eyes lit up at the thought of her mother's sustenance and willingness to take the family lots of places. Michael was eager to talk about a recent trip to Disney World and how his mother's willingness to assign her money on the family was a sign of love. Most used the description more than once. One on one, with my camera rolling, we talked about Mother's Day and their feelings toward their moms. " All knew that it was, of undoubtedly, Mother's Day. " Jordan told a long and winding story about a missing sock. He seemed to hint that mom buys a lot of Band-Aids. "Do you fancy your mother. " They all smiled big and answered with the obvious, "Yes. He also wanted me to know she'd spent some of his dad's money, too. " "And why do you love her. With no time to prep or consider, their answers were both innocent and revealing. First, I wondered how many would instantly recall that the big day was approaching. " Nathan's mom isn't alone. I notable that every single child used the word "nice" to describe his or her mother. He also spoke tenderly about his mother buying Confederate-Aids when he and his brother hurt their fingers in a heavy door.

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  1. ThinkProgress Michael Jordan 'Offended' By Donald Sterling's 'Racism And Hatred'
    Michael Jordan, NBA wonder and owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, released a statement this afternoon saying that he is “obviously disgusted” by the “racism and hatred” Los Angeles Clippers proprietor Donald Sterling purportedly displayed in an audio recording
  2. Sneaker collectors to it up in Bridgeport
    "Those were a match up of Jordan 11 Playoff Edition," explained Corazzelli, a 13 year old from Easton. "He wore them in the 1996 playoffs. They retailed for One vendor even had the restricted edition Nike MAGs, the shoes Michael J. Fox wore in Back to the



  1. The Falling star Online: Lifestyle: Parenting Children of Syria: Schooling a lost generation Respect and acceptance among in-laws Mum-in-law and daughter-in-law who cherish each other Children of Syria: Training a lost generation Posted: 08 May 2014 09:00 AM PDT Children who have fled Syria to Lebanon have ...
  2. Native’s Day always sneaks up on me. I usually have just enough time to tease my kids about telling their dad to go to Tiffany to buy me diamonds. Really all I want are a few homemade cards and no one banging on the door while I have a bath, although I would in no way say no to diamonds. The other thing ...
  3. In May, the third year graduating assort (Russ) goes crazy. They get into groups of four to six people, buy vans and paint them red (russbiler), run around between classes playing pranks on the underclassmen, buy special Russ clothes, and cocktail. This all continues until the 17th of May, which is the ...
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