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  1. Mama Mimosa Mama Mimosa says:
    Where can I buy miniature furniture?
    I'm nearly done constructing my ideal asylum. Now I need to buy some miniature furniture to furnish it, but I can't locate an online store...
    Diane B. says:
    I'm not unwavering what part of the world you're in, but in the U.S. you can find miniature furniture "for dollhouses," etc, at hobby stores (ones that sell supplies for miniature dollhouses) where they'll probably be somewhat expensive and sold by the piece, and again at craft...
  2. froot loop froot loop says:
    Where can you buy miniature ikea?
    I gather up blythe dolls (about the same size as barbie, check out if you want to know more) and I've seen people with miniature...
    mindysk8r says:
    Go on eBay. There's a strong category full of Ikea miniatures there. The link is: That's the only place I could find the Ikea furniture online. Upon this helps!!!
  3. Muse Muse says:
    What is a pure place to buy used/ new dollhouses or kits and furnishings for cheap?
    Kristy says:
    Relaxation Builders Supply! Best catalog and website ever, they have everything!!! (seriously, everything from houses to furniture to landscaping to electrical, wallpaper, carpet, etc. All things!) On a side note, one of my favorite things to do when I go...

Ani Cordero delves into the background for 'Recordar' - New York Daily News

The recital of "Recordar," Ani Cordero's first solo album, began with a forgotten memory - a musical one. On May 1, Cordero will be officially launching Recordar in the town with a show at Joe's Pub (425 Lafayette St. ). "I think bicultural kids have a very unique experience," Cordero says about her being raised between Atlanta and San Juan. She just approaches it from a controllable way. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO. And the result - which ranges from Atahualpa Yupanqui's "Nada Más" to Chavela Vargas' "Macorina" and Os Mutantes' "Panis et Circenses"- is a trip de force that could have only been pulled off by a truly bicultural artist. After falling in love with "Tengo La Piel Cansada de la Tarde," a 1969 ditty by Argentine singer Piero, the Brooklyn indie musician told her mother about her "discovery" - only to find out that her Puerto Rican mother had played it to her over and... The most daunting song to tackle, says Cordero, was Violeta Parra's classic "Volver a los 17," a ditty that "stretched" her as an artist and forced her to "dabble into electronica. "I can imagine we could have been friends somehow," she says of the late Chilean composer. ON A Non-stationary DEVICE. "She has this way of speaking the truth. "Hearing someone say 'te quiero' has a different meaning than when someone says 'I love you. "You always deal with the hint of having one foot in one culture and one foot in the other, a process of trying to see where you fit - only to find you don't fit anywhere properly or entirely. "The language and the sounds my parents gave me are radical in a deep way," she says about how her bicultural upbringing shaped her as a musician. That event set her on the path to pick and record 11 songs that had shaped the r of Latin America in the second half of the 20th Century with a contemporary perspective.

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    Doll houses and splendid miniatures will be put on sale on Saturday to raise money for charity. Cheltenham Minimalist Club is holding their exhibition on Saturday at the Springbank Community Concentrate between 11am and 3pm. The exhibition is in memory of 
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    The worlds Joe Fig creates are miniature, but they are full of acquaintanceship about the artistic process. Fig — a Simsbury resident He then returns to his studio and meticulously recreates dollhouse-scale sculptures of the studios, down to the most



  1. On the weekend I flew from Melbourne to visit the Sydney Miniatures Impartial. The show was great, with many talented craftspeople selling their creations, as well as lots of bargains and miniature treasures to be found. I met up with some fellow miniature bloggers, some of whom had stalls for the first ...
  2. Desk Ashley Hello, and accepted to the Utah Real Estate & Home Furniture Store on Our site is all about helping put shoppers and products together. Not just any products thought, but products you are specifically looking for. Looking for the set to rights golf clubs, or kitchen appliances, c ...
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