Styling My Mom's Clothes

Since I'm back on, I thought I'd rummage through my mom's closet just like old times and incorporate some of her pieces into a few outfits. Hope you enjoy.

Questions & answers

  1. :D :D says:
    How can I ask my mom to buy me jeans?
    I'm abbreviate (5' 2'') and I only have bootcut or flare jeans. They make me look EXTREMELY short and like I have a very long waist. That's all she buys...
    Allison says:
    Hey, Mom, will you buy me some base wash skinny jeans? EDIT. Well, you could tell her what you told us here. It might work...or buy them yourself. Good luck:)
  2. mee mee says:
    where can i buy ''mom jeans'' to act as if get by them into high waisted shorts?
    i've been told i can take in high waisted shorts with mom jeans but i was wondering where to buy them and are they expensive ?
    aj says:
    You can discover tons of 'mom jeans' at thrift stores for a couple of bucks.I don't know how you feel about secondhand clothes,but it's probably where you'll find them easily for cheap.Plus,if you don't get it exact the 1st be that as it may when you try making your shorts,it's not really a...
  3. karateluvr93 karateluvr93 says:
    where is a consumable store to buy jeans for 20 dollaes or less??
    fresh jeans. They need to be a little short because i'm a little shorter than normal. I am a girl who needs to look for shorter pants than normal....
    luv_my_dog says:
    I have jeans from Macy's that were $30 per put together. They were definitely worth the money, because they have lasted me a couple of years. They were too long for me, so I just had my mom sew them up a couple of inches. I got a pair of jeans from Kohl's a month ago. They were $15,...

Purani Jeans - Times of India

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    “These jeans know for sure the world that I am comfortable in a mom jean,” says deputy beauty editor Simone Kitchens about these 501s that she found at a thrift store in her home delineate of Oklahoma, where she and her best friend, Elizabeth, would hunt for
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  3. Do hats enact everyone look better or is that just me? I love love love hats! In wintertime, I wear heavy knit or fleece hats for warmth and in the summer I clothed in straw hats or wide brimmed hats to block sun and look cool. I have to admit that it’s the one accessory that I could not live without….and ...
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  7. Where do you buy mom jeans? Mom jeans are exalted-waisted jeans with a tapered leg worn by middle-aged moms who have given up. Here's where to buy mom jeans ...
  8. Allot great deals on eBay for mom jeans and vintage high waisted jeans. Shop with confidence.
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