DIY: Making Muscle Shirts!

The shirts featured in this video we. Wish you guys enjoyed watching me and my cousin making these muscle shirts.

Questions & answers

  1. EliZAbEth x3 EliZAbEth x3 says:
    Where can girls buy level muscles tee ?
    I'm a bit of skirt looking for a plain muscle black muscle tee and I can't find one anywhere.
    Gwendolyn says:
    There are some on they are called shotgun tanks. But their lowest assay is $16.
  2. anonymous 27 anonymous 27 says:
    Where do you buy muscle shirts?
    Like it may look like a like a stupid question but i dont know where they sell em.....are they in department stores or sports looking...
    cutie pie says:
    JC Penny, Walmart, Kmart, etc. Just look in the intimates subdivision, they sell undershirts, bras, muscle tanks and tees
  3. Awkward Awkward says:
    Where to buy a muscle tank for girls?
    Hi. I am looking to buy a muscle shirt, but not like those workout ones, just like the random looking ones. I don't want to pay TOO much for the...
    Alexis says:|muscle+tee|3|,Ny:True,Ro:0,Up:regular&dsDimensionSearch=D:muscle+tee,Dxm:AllPartial,Dxp:3&dsCompoundDimensionSearch=D:muscle+tee,Dxm:AllPartial,Dxp:3&br=f21&keyword=muscle+tee&fromsearch=true...

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  5. I made my beginning muscle tee last summer when we were having 107 degree days here in St. Louis. My son loved them and they were such a quick sew.
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  8. I made my in the beginning muscle tee last summer when we were having 107 degree days here in St. Louis. My son loved them and they were such a quick sew.
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Batman™ Muscle Tee (image #5)
Batman™ Muscle Tee (image #5)

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