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  1. Emily Emily says:
    How To Get My Mom To Buy Me Nice Underwear?
    She doesn't take cognizance of what it's like to be a teen apparently and how wearing cute underwear and bras makes a huge difference. I have some nice...
    Gee says:
    Maybe if you metamorphose a deal with her. "If you buy me this, I'll help you with that." Also, really just letting her know how you feel without whining is important. She has to see that you're growing up to be a young lady by acting like one. Command her you feel very self-conscious...
  2. Sambal Oelek Sambal Oelek says:
    Do you over it is a good investment to buy nice bras and underwear?
    I am outlook about buying some nice bras+panties on sale... They will still come to $200, even when they are all 40% off. Also, the site only has...
    Yes definitley. A nice bra and underwear is always best and men love sexy underwear...
  3. Lucy Girl Lucy Girl says:
    I'm 15 and can't buy nice underwear?
    This is considerate of embarrassing.. but I am 15, and I hate my underwear! I get it all really cheap from the department store, and my mum buys it for...
    koogy says:
    Have you looked at places like the Storeroom, K-Mart and Ezi-buy? Not too familiar with a lot of stores in NZ but you might find some things there. And, you need to talk to your mom about this - let her know what you like, and point out that she has nice undies, and you...
  4. Fashionista Fashionista says:
    What age should you be to buy nice underwear?
    11/13/15 older? Definitely nice lingerie kind of thing. VS kind of style. My mum was buying me nice stuff when i was 13 (I was already a 34c) but what...
    . says:
    I believe whatever age you're comfortable with. I won't buy myself nice underwear until I'm 18.. seriously.

“Que sera, sera”

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  3. TheGloss 10 Reasons Thongs Are Benefit The Wedgie
    Depressing, but people can get pimples everywhere. If you're sitting on the seams of your underwear all day, or walking around being lightly abraded by them, the friction can irritate your skin and produce breakouts. Nice, loosely fitting underpants might
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