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  1. yeyoyeyo131 yeyoyeyo131 says:
    where can i buy an oakley juliet ruby red?
    anna p says:
    http://www.sulit.com.ph/list.php/view+classifieds/id/17569/Oakley+Juliet+Ruby+Red+ http://www.ebay.ph/viItem?ItemId=280125903468 http://www.buyandsellmax.com/classifieds.php?c=106&showthumb=0&sort=0&page-boy=2 When i searched this, a lot of them came up on ebay..you shuold...
  2. Chadillac Chadillac says:
    Undisputed Oakley Gascans or not?
    I bought a join of Oakley Gascans from ebay, but I want to know if they are authentic. How can you tell.
    mischiefinthemoonlight says:
    Shouldn't you have asked BEFORE you bought them?? j/k At times it can be real difficult to tell, but here are a few ways: Oakley sunglasses come with pouch in bag, box or hard shell case with documentation. The fake Oakley's typically do not have the "Oakley" name stamped...
  3. cody cody says:
    Where can I buy Oakley ichiro juliet editions?
    I saw them online and they look remarkable. They got discontinued but I've been looking all over an Oakley doesn't sell them anymore. Any suggestions...
    dwc_frr74 says:
    You'll have to abide by searching ebay and the different collectors forums and facebook groups. My buddy just got a pair of Ichiro Juliets for $400. HTH D

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