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  1. Alex Alex says:
    Where can I buy the air Jordan 1 OG?
    what accumulate or website can I purchase the air Jordan 1 when they come out on 12/31/12 thease would be my first Jordans, do you think it's a good...
    as likely as not theyre kind of underground but thay have great prices
  2. tobster112 tobster112 says:
    True or Fake Jordans?
    I am looking to buy (seller putting out more on bid in the end) these air jordan 1's and am I curious to know if they are fake or real. They look real...
    chezzy79 says:
    he got a duplicate of real OG jordan that costs well over $5000 if new but he blew it by saying he got all sizes. He'll send you a same colored fake jordan but with different details, box, card, etc. The dumbass who gone 150 for that piece of sh1t is just pathetic. Also to...
  3. smitchell11575 smitchell11575 says:
    Where do you buy veritable Jordans ones?
    Jersey says:
    like the air jordan 1? If you shortage an og pair ebay's the only the way to go and they'll be like $2000. and have some pairs of the retros.

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  1. KoF Mailbag: Old Sneakerheads Persist in Their Ground Against The New Generation
    What's worse is the people that did luxuriate up in the Jordan era & were actually Sneakerheads back then got f****d over by Jordan making their OG Jordan shoe not worth s**t after 15-20 years by supplying any generation with what should have been the 
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    Most recent year, many of us were under the assumption that 2014 would be the year of the Air Jordan VI. Fortunately, Jordan Brand didn't make a fool of us and our ineffectual attempts at predicting the future of footwear. This year has already played host to



  1. As far as my grandma was anxious, so long as she had a cardigan, a mystery novel, and a new pair of Keds, she was flexin'. But, apparently, some grandmas stay even flyer than mine — like Instagram's newest stir, Sneaker Grandma. This hopefully-not-a-hoax account features an older lady posing ...
  2. [StyleList]Ganger har vrt tft for ungdoms forhandlere, men ikke for konsernsjef i Abercrombie Fitch, som har en rlig kompensasjon hoppet til $ 36,ugg boots.3 millioner i fjor (opp fra $ 23.2 millioner ett r tidligere), Toms Shoes Old lady,Burberry Sac, mer enn det dobbelte av hans jevnaldrende p Aeropo ...
  3. In today's work, Retro Jordan's are a hot pickup and always if not usually sell out on the day they come our or release. The hype is real and people tend to wait in line for them in the early morning and even at times over end of day. Many people tend to buy these shoes like basketball players, shoe c ...
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  6. I palpable like jordan and I would like to know where to buy real air jordan retro. My favorites are the 5. Also are they going to release a new retro 5 on ...
  7. Obtain great deals on eBay for jordan og and jordan original. Shop with confidence.
  8. Get great deals on eBay for og jordan and jordan 1999. Shop with confidence.
  9. Pattern Air Jordans Authentic OG Air Jordan. home; policy; shopping cart; All shoes for sale at Shoe York are brand new (deadstock).