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Questions & answers

  1. Princessbuttercup Princessbuttercup says:
    Where can I buy affordable bikini padding?
    I have a ton of swimsuits and I use them really often, the padding inserts that come with the bikini top always seem to get lost somehow. I don't...
    CodeJa says:
    There are innumerable kind of Bikini you maybe want here you can take a look
  2. Katie H. Katie H. says:
    Where can I buy padded cups for bikinis?
    I departed on of those padded cups that you put in bikinis and I was wondering where I can buy a new one. I don't care if I have to buy a set or...
    Kat says:
    Profuse fabric stores carry pads that can be placed inside dresses. I am sure they would also work with a swimsuit.
  3. Lou...x Lou...x says:
    where to get KIDS padded bikinis?
    I am 13 and don't have much boobs, I have the impression really self conscious in the changing rooms and when I go swimming with my friends as they all have quite...
    Ashley M says:
    Kids don't want padded bikinis. And there's no point in being self conscious about your boobs at age 13, when everyone with a functioning brain knows that different people grow at a different pace. Censure, I'm 26 and I only have a 36b while all my friends are hanging out in...
  4. amber amber says:
    where can i buy gel or padded bikini tops?
    i have occasion for gelled or padded inserts for my bikini top this summer.......or gelled bras.....where can i buy any of this? websites and store names would...
    sarasshops says:
    the bodylines website has these new silicone swim pads. I ahve in no way used them, but dependign on how much paddign yiu need they may work. Sara


My new request, the S ophina by Figleaves. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. size=&colour=Angry. Figleaves carries something for every body type, which is hard to say for most retailers when it comes to swimwear. As someone who has struggled with pressure in the past, I've never been comfortable on the beach in some skimpy bathing suit but what I love about my new Figleaves suit is how confident it makes me sense, totally beach-ready. With cup sizes ranging from AA-GG and styles ranging from printed bikinis, to chic tankinis, to the classic one piece, there's something for every Tom this summer at Figleaves. com-Icon-Colour-Block-Panel-Shaping-Swimsuit/. com-Icon-Lattice-Back-Shaping-Swimsuit/. but I also turtle-dove this one and may have to get it with the coupon code: http://www. com/us/product/FIG-147130/Sophina-by-Figleaves. Personally, I love black one-piece swimsuits. com Icon Lattice Back Shaping Swimsuit is ageless yet modern and does it exactly what is says in slimming my back. I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Millennial Central for Figleaves. I'm excited to bore this when I head to Israel this summer but also wear it for days at the Jersey Shore. size=&colour=Black. I love the one I have: http://www. com/us/result/FIG-147129/Sophina-by-Figleaves.

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  1. I in the main have trouble finding a one piece swimsuit that fits me well because (generally) my top half is smaller than my bottom half. I usually have to buy a two piece swimsuit so I can get a size XS top and a size Intermediation bottom. Apparently whatever was supposed to be located in my bosom, went direc ...
  2. Hello lovelies! I’m prevailing to Florida in a few weeks with my family, so I’m currently on the hunt for some new bathing suits. I thought I’d share with you some of my favorites: Zinke Starboard Swimsuit | Anthropologie I am obsessed with this one-shard and I would absolutely buy it if I wasn’t a broke ...
  3. It always gets to approximately this time of year, its heading towards Summer and the weather is starting to get warmer and sunnier, and I start to think about possible additions to my Summer wardrobe! Today in specific I have started to look at bikinis, in the past I will admit that I have been known to ...
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sexy swim designer style bikini swimsuit wholesale swimwear freeshipping Description:Mix it up...or go matchy matchy. Make the perfect in this black two-interest bikini.Lined cups with removable push-up padding.Lined cups with...
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