The Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket

At the Outside Retailer Summer Market, Giantnerd Members are shown the unique qualities of the Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket. You can purchase the Patagonia.

Questions & answers

  1. DarkFireKioshi DarkFireKioshi says:
    Should I buy a patagonia jacket or tracker rainboots?
    I got $200 for Christmas and I can't opt for which to buy first. Helpful input is welcome :) Thanks!
    Caroline Schleck says:
    I mate Hunter boots! I personally have 5 pairs, so you can't go wrong with those, but I also love Bean Boots from L.L. Bean, they're really warm! I also love Patagonia Fleeces, I have a parka and a fleece and passion and use them a lot! I also love Vineyard Vines Shep Shirts! You...
  2. philsburyman118 philsburyman118 says:
    Own a Patagonia Retro Jacket?
    I'm pensive of buying women's patagonia retro jacket and was wondering if any of you own it and give me recommendations? - is it worth it? - do...
    i_licked_a_toad says:
    I have one of the women's in the simple (cream) color. It is a nice jacket, but after washing, it isn't nearly as soft. It keeps out the wind well, but I don't particularly care for the stretchy side panels. Also, the sizing seems a particle off to me. I usually take a...
  3. Alden Phillips Alden Phillips says:
    Are North Mien jackets over rated, or are they worth all the money?
    For 200-400 for a jacket do they positively keep you as warm as 4 bills?
    Chris says:
    I am customary to be a little indecisive in my answer. Generally companies that use proprietary fabrics and materials in their jackets, offer superior products. These materials include gore-tex, polartec, etc. This is because these companies only hawk their materials to...

Patagonia's new way of activism is documentary 'DamNation' - Los Angeles Times

"DamNation," the key film the company has produced, takes Patagonia's activism to a higher level, and its release will be linked to a petition urging the federal control to tear down what Patagonia calls "deadbeat dams. A day later, "DamNation" will become available on the streaming site Vimeo for $9. 99. Patagonia is supporting the documentary's delivering with an extensive social media campaign that hopes to take advantage of the company's fervent (if not... , debuting in Los Angeles on May 16. "DamNation" will be screened for autonomous in and for sale at most of Patagonia's 30 retail outlets on June 5, where the DVD will be listed at $24. 99 (or $29. 99 for a Blu-ray version). Long admired as one of the most socially obliged companies in America, Patagonia in recent years has become more of an outspoken advocate for environmental and corporate responsibility, letting shoppers boldly inspect its supply and... The movie opens in limited release theatrically May 9 in New York and Portland, Ore. Patagonia is famous for its high-end out of doors gear, selling its 3-in-1 River Salt Jacket for $549 and a Special Edition Diamond Quilt Snap-T Pullover for $199. In the coming weeks, the luxe retailer will begin stocking a identical different item on its... "DamNation," which suggests that the more than 80,000 American dams do far more ecological harm than good, is hardly a conservationist diatribe. PHOTOS: Box area top 10 of 2013 | Biggest flops of 2013. "We're not going to be getting any money back on this," said Patagonia's 75-year-old founder, Yvon Chouinard, whose privately held coterie bankrolled the film's approximate $500,000 budget... Directed by Ben Knight and Travis Rummel, the thoroughly researched documentary has won top awards at the South by Southwest Pic Conference and Festival and the Environmental.

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  1. The Guardian (blog) Why brands should pay heed to collaborative consumption
    In a reduce different vein, Patagonia partnered up with eBay to create a redistribution market for its pre-owned jackets, fleeces, gear, shoes, sweaters and other outdoors items. Patagonia customers can trade in their ski pants, or buy a ski helmet on
  2. Duncan boys nearing .500 in matches won
    The Jackie Robust-coached Duncan tennis boys edged Patagonia 5-4 in Duncan April 4, topped the Tombstone Yellow Jackets 6-3 in Sierra Vista April 5, and the Willcox Cowboys 8-1 in Duncan April 10. Duncan (7-6 overall, 4-4 measure out) has won 48 percent 

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  1. Progenitor's Day gifts a snap to buy for outdoors-minded dads
    Patagonia Torrentshell Rain Jacket, $129. Flood pants are $99 ... A Patagonia standard, Torrentshell rain gear has kept folks dry for more than 25 years. Buy a slightly larger size so you can layer warmer clothes underneath. -- Rapala Break up Rap (Deep ...


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  2. Southern Patagonia - Torres del Paine, Chile Torres del Paine, Chile Where I stayed The Rascally Van What I did Torres del Paine Puerto Natales 4/5/14 The van was parked on the side of a dirt road, with not one vehicle passing us throughout that entire night. When I woke up and stepped out of the van ...
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