Chickee Chit Chit-chat #2: All About PERIODS!

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Questions & answers

  1. Sierra Sierra says:
    Where can i buy Adira Period Panties?
    I heard they don't chink so i would like to know what store they sell them in somewhere in dallas. Drug stores maybe
    Dr. X says:
    You can buy them at any amass with gynecological supplies.
  2. says:
    Where can I buy period panties in Singapore?
    I have a formal dinner this Saturday and I prophesy that my period will come on that day itself. I heard about this White Nights Period Panties but...
    Away you can wear a tampon and a pad together to be on the safe side because idk where you can get those so...and over your underwear you can wear the cheerleader things their called bloomers or bloomies I can't remmeber but people also refer to them as spankies. Tht should...
  3. Ms_Nugget Ms_Nugget says:
    Such a item as Period Panties?
    Ok, so I've noticed my menstrual succession is very heavy at night... I was wondering if there was such a thing as period panties??? As in panties that...
    Kari.♡ says:
    Not to my Conception any "period panties" have been made. I conisder period panties, panties that i wear only on my period because they keep my pad in place and give good support. I would say buying some SUPER overnight pads are your best bet and they will get the job done.
  4. total_eclipse_of_the_sun total_eclipse_of_the_sun says:
    Okay, so I just realized this when I bought a few panties at Victoria's Arcane PINK earlier today. Well you know the part of the panty when...
    A A says:
    having a panty amulet myself, I have noticed this too. It is my understanding that this fabric (usually cotton) is sewn in to the panty for hygienic reasons- women get yeast infections / bladder infections more easily if sham material (nylon, satin, etc) other than...

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  4. Period Panties Menstrual Underwear by Period Panteez, prepare for just the hug you need! Period Panties by Period Panteez protect clothing, sheets, and mattresses.
  5. buy period panties from ...
  6. I demand to buy some but before I do I wanted to know if they work. I have a heavy flow and sometimes I leak onto my sheets and my jeans and these panties ...
  7. Period Panties Menstrual Underwear by Period Panteez, lend just the hug you need! Period Panties by Period Panteez protect clothing, sheets, and mattresses.
  8. buy period panties from ...
  9. I prerequisite to buy some but before I do I wanted to know if they work. I have a heavy flow and sometimes I leak onto my sheets and my jeans and these panties ...
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When it comes to laundry, especially in Jennie Murphree, where there are 700 residents and only eight washers and three dryers, it’s every damsel for herself. . ........*****All images are copyrighted by their...
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