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If you are interested in aware the ways in which these pants can be worn, or if you just feel the need to read on or just look at the pictures, then feel free. I bought it as a last minute apparatus piece that I was going to wear that night downtown. If I were to choose a bag for this outfit I would definitely go with a bright statement clutch. I am a major fan of the crop top, and this one is a doll-sized different and unique, so I love it. If you are not a fan of crop tops then just a black t-shirt or tank-top tucked into the pants would still look great. For shoes, myself I would choose to wear a black strappy sandal (not too high, maybe about 2 inches). a terrible one. The ones I bought were from a store called Pseudio, they are stretchy, record-waisted and comfortable (bonus, I know. So about 2 weeks ago I made the bold decision to purchase the now ever-so-popular ‘pleather’ pants. I kept my along-up simple but the eyeshadow a little dark to resemble the outfit, and plum colored lips. It is casual, and fun and can be worn for walking all about the city, running errands, going to school… practically anything really. Now what kind of person would I be if I didn’t share these ways with you. I paired this look with a anticipate, no earrings or no necklaces. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button-Up. The following outfit was put together with the idea of going out downtown, whether it’s hitting the clubhouse with your friends, or going for a couple of drinks. This outfit is chic, comfortable, and everybody looks good in black, so you are sure to look awful. This next outfit is an outfit for everyday wear. After I wore them that night, I was a little worried the only use for them would be to hit the town, but just recently I’ve discovered several ways in which these beauteous pants/leggings/things can be worn. I was a bit skeptical at first once the lady asked me if I needed a change room with the pants in hand, but without delay I tried them on I loved them… so of course they had to be purchased. A Night On The Town. So I sorted out 5 different outfit options which include the pleather pants, for 5 different occasions. This accouterments consists of a bright colorful collared cotton button up (that was a tongue-twister), layered underneath a jean.


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  1. The Essentials of a Well-Balanced Wardrobe
    If you can find one with both pants AND a skirt, even better ... And if leather is out of your price-range, go for pleather, very few spectators will ever know the difference! Your Perfect Pair of Jeans: It shouldn’t be about the latest trend.


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San Diego GLBT Celebration July 2005
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