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  1. Tala Tala says:
    Where can I buy crafty plus sized rave outfits for EDC?
    I am not mountainous, but I am about 180lbs and 5'8 theres links to a few pictures below. But I am still not skinny enough to wear bikinis or any of the...
    J G says:
    Foremost let me say you are absolutely adorable. has some really cute plus size swimsuits that may work for you. My favorites are the Isabella tankini and Always For Me Serpent one piece Check out this months PLUS Model Munitions dump for more...
  2. nncywlndr nncywlndr says:
    Any hull know i can buy decent priced plus sized bikini?
  3. Nina Heartly<3 Nina Heartly<3 says:
    Do replete figure and plus size girls...?
    Does it chagrin full figure and plus size girls when skinny girls and girls with seemingly nice bodies complain about their weight? Or when a girl...
    Ms. Lise says:
    Being a plus size gal sometimes when you are constantly around smaller people it can mess with your confidence. You never know she could be trying to diet and it's not working. I am going to be honest it bothers me when you see undernourished people complain about their weight...
  4. Kelley Kelley says:
    Where can I buy BIKINIS (aka: FATKINIS) online for a FAT Crumpet? **BEST ANSWER?
    I am a plus size piece of work, at size 16/18, and I am 18 years old. My entire life I have had to wear one peices or tankinis and I'm sooo over that, and...
    Hannah says:
    Just recoup any bikini that is big enough. Get a real bikini. That one is kinda cheating because it covered the entire stomach. Get a low cut bikini to show off your beautiful tummy! That's what I do.

Rebecca’s Trusty Weekend Fraternize Kit for No-fuss, Youthful Skin

Nice packaging, pretty colours and the sort of promise I like: to make you look as though you’ve had a good night’s sleep. Last weekend, I had a pretty trip away for a friend’s birthday. Here we all are on the beach, I’m in the middle in bikini bottoms and a jumper – British weather eh)…. Here were my hero products…. Secondly, it’s incredibly light-hearted and gives just the right amount of coverage: I had an even skin tone, but you wouldn’t have guessed I was wearing anything. Firstly, there are a variety of shades, as opposed to Direct’s ‘universal’ shade (I just don’t think you can have a universal shade. I know it shouldn’t matter, but for some reason, it did to me. I also knew that a weekend like that would comprehend drinking, late nights, coldness, possibly sleeping on the floor and minimal bathroom time – no body brushing/massaging in cellulite... We went to his homeland pile in Norfolk, we ate, drank, and swam in the freezing cold sea (I was very proud of myself on that one). It’s free of parabens and fragrance, and, with green tea to plan for antioxidants it’s great for city-wear. I got sent an exciting package just a few days before heading off, and this was in it. I’ve been using Simple’s brilliant BB balm, but I mark this Pixi beauty knocks it off the top perch. (also it turned out to be pretty tame – more Famous Five than Skins. This is now always worn for my castings, and I reckon might be just the ticket for when I give a reading at my buddy’s. I discovered their shop in Carnaby Street a few years ago, and it was like going into a sweet shop. Finally, this stayed on, all day, and didn’t accomplish my combination/oily skin either dry and flaky, or over-oily. There was one thing that, for me, cast a bit of shadow on it…out of everyone there (about 30 of us), and excepting his parents…I was the OLDEST ONE THERE. 1) Pixi H20 Peel Tint (£21 for 35ml). Pixi are my favourite make up brand.

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  1. TheGloss Why Bikinis Are Best For Plus-Size Women
    While there are truly a few great ones out there, I also had that yearly reminder of an aspect of fashion that is a bit dulled in the autumn and winter months: brands, designers, retailers and equilateral folks still think some sizes simply aren't “for
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    Plus-size beachwear proprietorship Swimsuits for All has made its own swimwear calendar, Sexy at Every Curve, that aims to highlight how proves sexiness doesn't keep at size four. The calendar's models include New York-based Aussie supermodel and swimsuit 
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    A establishment that specializes in producing plus-sized swimwear has launched a “Sexy At Every Curve” swimsuit calendar aimed at making women larger than a size 2 seem good about strutting their stuff on the beach. Swimsuits for All scheduled their own 



  1. This afternoon, I was shopping for clothes at the Somerset/Orchard breadth, and in Singapore it’s like shopping heaven with the variety of products and services offered, although things here are not necessarily cheaper. Who am I kidding it’s so frickin’ expensive Anyway, I was at Cineleisure with one o ...
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  3. I am still tiring to wrap my head around the fact that I have to leave Brazil in just four weeks. Words cannot even describe how sad I am to have to leave this incredible country. Rio has truly stolen a smashed similar of my heart. I now know why “saudade” is a Portuguese word – there is no possible way you c ...
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  8. Plus Size Bikini Swimwear - 1,279 results from UJENA SWIMWEAR, Becca, Kenneth Cole like La Blanca Plus Size Hard Shirred Band Hipster Bottom#_color_#, Lane Bryant ...
  9. Buy New Plus Size Swimwear at Macy's. Betray the Latest Womens Plus Size Bathing Suits, Swimsuits, & Bikinis Online at FREE SHIPPING AVAILABLE!
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