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Questions & answers

  1. Tala Tala says:
    Where can I buy attractive plus sized rave outfits for EDC?
    I am not whopping, but I am about 180lbs and 5'8 theres links to a few pictures below. But I am still not skinny enough to wear bikinis or any of the...
    J G says:
    First let me say you are truly adorable. has some really cute plus size swimsuits that may work for you. My favorites are the Isabella tankini and Always For Me Serpent one piece Check out this months PLUS Model Magazine for more...
  2. nncywlndr nncywlndr says:
    Any corpse know i can buy decent priced plus sized bikini?
  3. Nina Heartly<3 Nina Heartly<3 says:
    Do open figure and plus size girls...?
    Does it hurt someone's feelings full figure and plus size girls when skinny girls and girls with seemingly nice bodies complain about their weight? Or when a girl...
    Ms. Lise says:
    Being a plus size abigail sometimes when you are constantly around smaller people it can mess with your confidence. You never know she could be trying to diet and it's not working. I am going to be honest it bothers me when you see gangling people complain about their weight...
  4. Kelley Kelley says:
    Where can I buy BIKINIS (aka: FATKINIS) online for a FAT Girlfriend? **BEST ANSWER?
    I am a plus size baggage, at size 16/18, and I am 18 years old. My entire life I have had to wear one peices or tankinis and I'm sooo over that, and...
    Hannah says:
    Just gather up any bikini that is big enough. Get a real bikini. That one is kinda cheating because it covered the entire stomach. Get a low cut bikini to show off your beautiful tummy! That's what I do.

Packing Re-Re-Stake with comments

[Note—you can buy panties, boxers, briefs, and bras here, but they’re miserliness-store quality. Unfortunately, this country is wet for 6 months of the year and even in the 6 “dry” months, humidity is crazy high, so the environment is not utter nice to electronics of any kind. I’d say this could be a worthwhile thing to pack if you’re bringing several electronics and you’re worried about burning them out. The Salone PCVs have over a thousand publication files that we’ve collectively passed around, so just about anything you’re interested in reading could be available here. Still, some sites are in the mountains or near the coast and can get cold at evensong, and when you’ve finally adjusted to the weather, you might find 70 degrees to be chilly. Lara also brought like 6 bras and is very cock-a-hoop with that choice. Also as I said with the jeans, sometimes clothes take several days to dry in the rainy season. This being said though, you can buy really cheap ebb protectors here in country for the 220V circuit, but I’ve heard rumors that they don’t work as well and some electronics still get fried. ] --We’re still on the fence about whether this is a satisfactory thing to bring in your suitcase. I’d say whether you bring long sleeved t-shirts, jackets, or hoodies is up to you—know that you can buy all of those things here, even up to over parkas, knit caps, and winter mittens (Why. If that’s a turn-off, bring your own. After that, you’re not likely to feel cold very often. Lara brought 20 pairs and that seems like a preferably number. The airport will be cold, as well as the airplane.

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  1. TheGloss Why Bikinis Are Complimentary For Plus-Size Women
    The other day, I did a shopping direct dedicated to bathing suits that come in plus-sizes. While there are quite a few great ones out there, I also had that yearly reminder of an aspect of fashion that is a bit dulled in the autumn and winter months
  2. Plus-Size Swimwear Entourage Channels Sports Illustrated Cover for New ...
    Swimsuits for All, a cast that specializes in trendy women's swimwear, enlisted the help of blogger Gabi Gregg and three plus-size models for their “Sexy at Every Curve” summer stump and calendar. Models Jada Sezer and Shareefa J joined former 
  3. The Vine Plus size bikini chronology a big hit
    Plus-size beachwear house Swimsuits for All has made its own swimwear calendar, Sexy at Every Curve, that aims to highlight how proves sexiness doesn't a halt at size four. The calendar's models include New York-based Aussie supermodel and swimsuit 
  4. San Francisco Chronicle Surf and area: How Bay Area surfers ride the waves
    The Doppelgaenger of surfers as counterculture, beach-lounging youth surrounded by bikini-clad spectators is - like so many Californian cultural artifacts - essentially thanks to Hollywood. From the late 1950s through the 1980s, While in Southern California
  5. Melissa McCarthy and Young woman Indiana USA show that size is not all they are
    When Mekayla Diehl, Feel nostalgia for Indiana USA, showed off her bikini body, Twitter responded in praise of her "normal" body. And not all women are afraid of the word "fat," or She's also off-the-wall, fun, smart and confident. She has a good job. She doesn't need


  1. Aгe we tіred of doing sіt ups рlus crunches, leg lifts, bicycles, leg raises plus a slew оf otҺer abdominal exercises? Are we interested in some official advanced abdominal exercises? Well, have I got some amazing onеs plus I bet you’re going to be surprised. Mariam, founԀ on the alternative hand, cߋuld ...
  2. Bikini occasion is right around the corner, & I'm PISSED. I try to buy at least ONE bikini a year, since augmentation I have purchased one or two....& I don't even LOVE any of them!!! All of my current bikini's are triangle tops, because triangle tops are so comfortable to adjust to all breast shapes/sizes. ...
  3. Stick by Lara and Kevin 2 May 2014 Note—this is a REALLY long post and probably going to be pretty boring to anyone who’s not packing a bag in the near future. You have been warned! For the benefit of anyone who may be joining Temperate Corps, moving to a developing country for an extended time, or is ju ...
  4. Sears has the overcome selection of Plus Size Swimsuits in stock. Get the Plus Size Swimsuits you want from the brands you love today at Sears.
  5. Plus Size Bikini Swimwear - 1,279 results from UJENA SWIMWEAR, Becca, Kenneth Cole like La Blanca Plus Size Strong Shirred Band Hipster Bottom#_color_#, Lane Bryant ...
  6. Plus Size Bikini - 1,434 results from UJENA SWIMWEAR, Lunaire, Becca like Jockey Womens Plus Size Elance Bikini 3 Collection Underwear Bikini Briefs 100% cotton, La Blanca ...
  7. Sears has the best bib selection of Plus Size Swimsuits in stock. Get the Plus Size Swimsuits you want from the brands you love today at Sears.
  8. Plus Size Bikini Swimwear - 1,279 results from UJENA SWIMWEAR, Becca, Kenneth Cole like La Blanca Plus Size Well-built Shirred Band Hipster Bottom#_color_#, Lane Bryant ...
  9. Plus Size Bikini - 1,434 results from UJENA SWIMWEAR, Lunaire, Becca like Jockey Womens Plus Size Elance Bikini 3 Number Underwear Bikini Briefs 100% cotton, La Blanca ...
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What do maquette train sets and women's breasts have in common? Well, both are intended for children, but it's the fathers that always end up playing with them. . .......***** All images are copyrighted by their...
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