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  1. Ping R Ping R says:
    Where can I buy Polo shirts and pants in S. California?
    Does any one distinguish that what stores carry Polo shirts and pants? I live in Orange County, California. Thanks.
    Ace says:
    For Work Polo shirts: http://www.gotapparel.com/c-161-fashion-polos.aspx For Performance Polos: http://www.gotapparel.com/c-29-performance-polos.aspx For Powerful Polo shirts: http://www.gotapparel.com/c-28-sportshirts.aspx They ship out of many warehouses across the country...
  2. KC_YuhhDigg KC_YuhhDigg says:
    where can i buy polo shirts?
    I lust after to buy some polo shirts but i don't know where to buy them...? where are they sold?
    NewYorkGirl says:
    Ralph Lauren but they are extravagant. Hollister has some- http://www.hollisterco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CategoryDisplay?catalogId=10201&storeId=10251&langId=-1&topCategoryId=12552&categoryId=12622&parentCategoryId=16412 Aeropostale-...
  3. Car Bird Car Bird says:
    Where to buy a Strand Polo?
    Where can I get one. Not purple or red or even burgundy, abandon. Nothing with a big fat logo. I've tried Lacoste and Ralph Lauren, but they're way...
    Do you demand to buy a Polo hat. if you do, you can only spend about $30 in buying a Polo hat at http://www.greatbrandstore.com/product/brand/Polo-Hats-0-103-44-1.html?af=6 The hats at this store are stylish and top quality. Hope you like them.

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Source: CarAdvice

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  1. Europeans help Cal water polo succeed
    To aid his women's water polo team, Cal coach Rich Corso successfully recruited two Europeans who played on their national teams during the 2012 London Summer Olympics. Dora Antal of Hungary and Roser Tarrago of Spain have been nothing knee-high to a grasshopper 
  2. Hollywood Reporter Beverly Hills Tourist house Boycott: Polo Lounge Nearly Deserted (Except for One Actor)
    On any status quo weekday, every table at the Beverly Hills Hotel's iconic Polo Lounge is filled to capacity with industry movers and shakers like Steven Spielberg, Ari Emanuel and Jeffrey Katzenberg, all regulars at the 73-year-old power dirty. Recommended.

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  1. Five things Indicate Zuckerberg should buy
    Failing that, buy up a coat company and make the Mark Zuckerberg version of The Social Network. Strictly not included in the cast - Jesse Eisenberg. - A new wardrobe: We get it, Steve Jobs had his pitch-black polo-neck and Mark Zuckerberg has his grey t-shirt.


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Thread: where to buy cheap polo shirts?
Thread: where to buy cheap polo shirts?

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