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  1. says:
    Where To Buy Real Corsets?
    Hey! I am wondering if anyone be informed a place to buy real corsets? I have seen some sites, but I do not want to pay more than $100. Are there any...
    Irena says:
    Hi, you can buy the corset in some seek or e-shop. You can look for some corsets on: http://www.corset-story.com/ The corset cost is > 30USD. The excellent made corsets are always rather expensive. Or use google and type your key words to look up links for some corsets shops....
  2. Heather Heather says:
    Where can i buy a real english corset?
    not the lingerie but the real english corset the amicable that would decrease your waist size like the kind dita von teese uses. i need websites that...
    Irena says:
    Hi, if you would buy a real english corset look on: http://www.axfords.com/ http://www.vollers-corsets.com/ But the corsets from Axfords or Vollers are high-priced. You can look for cheaper one on: http://www.corsets-uk.com/authentic.html The size of first authentic corset...
  3. rose93girl rose93girl says:
    Buy sane REAL corsets?
    I wan to buy corsets, ones that due suck it in but are also fairly....no spanx or anything...the real thing.. i wouldn't even mind if it...
    gld says:
    Resist to tell you this ... but $300 is pretty reasonable for "the real thing." The best corsets are custom-made to your measurements -- this, of course, adds to the price. Materials for corsets aren't sale-priced: a good corset has two layers of heavy-duty, tight-weave cotton...

Polite society Anxiety: Why The Closure of Kim's Video Marks the End of the Hipster Era - The FADER

Before I started working there, from the age of 14 or 15, I reach-me-down to try to eat cheaply all week so that I could go in there on Friday with whatever money I had saved up and buy a CD. Part of the Kim’s experience, which myself and thousands of... When I was 17, in 2003, I landed a summer job working on the third overwhelm of Mondo Kim’s on Saint Marks place. This was back in the day when a massive emporium of film and music like Kim’s was still a profitable business proposition (there were four of them in New York back then—now there’s only one), and when the people at Kim’s had a burg-wide reputation... I was afraid of the people who worked at Kim’s, and I never would have become one of them myself if it weren’t for my mother. I didn’t want to be that female, so I did my best to keep up with him and everybody else there, staying up as late as I could each night watching movies from the Employee Picks section and memorizing the unalloyed catalogs of auteurs like Chris Marker... It was my first taste of having to prove myself as an intellectual equal in a spear-dominated milieu, and while I now take pity on the teenager in me who wanted so badly to win their approval, I don’t think I’d be doing what I do. All of them were a whole lot more knowledgeable about movies and music than me, and one of the older, superior clerks had a reputation for making every single girl who worked there previously cry by making fun of their taste in movies. She straight-up asked them if they would rental me one day while there to inquire about some obscure French corset movie she was looking for. The first summer I worked there I was the only female among six or seven man's clerks ranging in age from twenty-one to thirty. I guess she just thought that it was time that I got a job.

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  1. Mode FYI: Orr's Jewelers hosting Watchfair and Stephen Webster trunk show
    watches — working and non-working. There will be more than 1,000 Swiss timepieces for yard sale. During the trunk show, customers can peruse the latest exclusive Webster designs From a 1770 corset to a 2014 bra-and-panty set in lacy stretch silk
  2. Bouncing backward in Ottawa tennis history
    At all times wondered what women in the late 1800s wore while they played tennis? Or how the court was maintained during the season? Or gazed at the Old Ottawa South tennis league on Cameron Avenue and wondered if anyone famous ever played there?
  3. Den Of Geek 1990s teen movies you'll commemorate - and some you won't
    to memorialize. It's pretty clichéd, obvious stuff, but the endlessly impressive cast, and that one bizarre scene in the middle where our hero Preston (Ethan Embry) tries to requirement ready a radio show to get advice from Barry Manilow, made sure this was
  4. From corsets to the Wonderbra, a retailing of lingerie
    For some women, judgement the perfect bra fit no longer requires a trip to the store. One San Francisco start-up is using an iPhone app to measure a woman's bust size, but specialty retailers say technology doesn't make good on service and education. (March
  5. 9 Music Videos That Changed The Way We Dressed
    Helena was a shade in white briefs, so naturally, we all rushed out to buy Calvin Klein tanks and matching undies. Frankly, the on the fashion map. Jean Paul Gaultier corsets and a lotta rave at are on full, perfect, display in fashion's favourite



  1. - Virulent much, Rhys Webb of The Horrors? Despite being the bass player for one of the best British indie rock bands on the scene at the moment, Webb has a spot of vinegary milk in his tea right now and it’s all because of the latest album from wildly overrated pop hack Lily Allen. Allen, who recently re ...
  2. About The Beatrix Girls: The Beatrix Girls is a get in line of collectible dolls -- they’re musicians, they’re dolls, they’re role models for a new generation of empowered young girls, with great clothes, fabulous hair, and starting pop music developed by platinum-winning songwriters and producers. The Bea ...
  3. I just got to devote the afternoon with the wonderful Linda Watson hearing her tell tales of Vivienne Westwood and the making of her latest book, Vogue On Vivienne Westwood. As influence of Bath In Fashion 2014 Watson gave a very personal talk about the Queen of Punk at the posh Royal Crescent Hotel, scon ...
  4. Are you looking for Inure Boned Corsets? You have many options to buy steel boned corsets online or at physical stores. The world's largest supplier for ...
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  7. Are you looking for Dirk Boned Corsets? You have many options to buy steel boned corsets online or at physical stores. The world's largest supplier for ...
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"You get to deny what you kill so make sure when you have your target in sight you never forget those exact words." A wise tiger much like this old boy I call back only real. Belonged to Siegfried & Roy....
Photo by Christina Saint Marche on Flickr

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Just a fun ad for corsets...real originative description, I know
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