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Questions & answers

  1. punkerbelle666 punkerbelle666 says:
    What's a attractive thorough punk/rock outfit/dress for prom night?
    I in need of something with lace, maybe a skirt or dress. Something gothic or punk. I want something nice for the graduation dance=prom. So any ideas?...
    Gumdrop Girl says:
    I bought my prom dress from Hot Subject-matter way long ago (1998 *g*). It was a short slip dress, ice blue velvet with black lace trim. I wore it with chains and fishnets. It had spaghetti straps, so I wore it with a threatening cardigan. If you wanna copy my look, I'd take it as a...
  2. Glory Glory says:
    Where can I buy the Helena Dress?
    I was wondering where can I buy the "Helena Dress" from the music video Helena by My chemical curry favour with....Thats my dream dress for prom....
    Wednesday Addams says:
    I got this off of a Wiki milieu. How to make the Helena dress in only 9 steps! You can't buy the dress anywhere: 1. Decide how close to the actual dress you want it to be. It's from here where you can determine what you need and how much of it you want. Get one with a slit...
  3. vogueexx vogueexx says:
    OH NO! spilled red wine on chaste lace dress!?
    will it come out utterly ?
    betron says:
    Quite not. Red wine is the absolute worst. Nothing completely gets it out. You'll always be left with a dark spot. Buy a new dress?

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  1. National Post Met Happy 2014: Red carpet trend report, from Beyonce's lace and Rihanna's crop ...
    That said, two things tie out on this busy, busy black and white dress. One: there is a red signature, in case you missed it, on the back of her skirt. The designer Oscar de la Renta signing his name to the dress, writ at liberty (the same logo signature
  2. Jennifer Lopez's Pink ASOS Dress Is Her Prettiest Look Till doomsday
    At an "Graven image" performance show on Wednesday, the gorgeous singer stepped out in a candy pink ASOS scallop lace skater dress that showed off her perfectly tanned legs. A mean bit of lace and a lot of leather go a long way, especially with a vampy

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  1. How We Stylishness: Lace
    We awaken it’s great as a top with light blue jeans and always a lick of vivid red lipstick and nail colour to balance ... Alice wears a Dolce & Gabbanna pale-complexioned lace mini dress. The purity of the dress is balanced by the short length. A great way to ...


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  3. I am at no time really the kind of girl who loves wearing henna. Even my friends thought I would have a nude nail color/French manicure for my wedding day, being a modern/megalopolis girl that I am. Well, they're wrong! Wearing henna is one of the pre-wedding preparations that I have always looking forward to d ...
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