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  1. Frank Frank says:
    Where can I buy a Mitsubishi belt bulge?
    I'm looking for a Mitsubishi belt hook, not the kind for a seat belt of a car but for a belt.
    KaylaLove<33 says:
  2. molly :) molly :) says:
    how to fix a seat belt distort?
    my traveller side seat belt doesn't buckle in. i recently bought a '89 honda prelude si off of some kid who lived down my street. i tried buckling...
    ridnlow says:
    Hearty I'm not sure where you live, but here in New Zealand you just buy a buckle and belt set for around $80 - $100 from your local automotive supplier. This is the easiest way, and don't worry about installation: it's very simple! 1- Finger the mounting points for the old belt...
  3. Nilesh A Nilesh A says:
    Rear end car seat belt buckle?
    Hi, I bought a reach-me-down car recently. I noticed that in the rear seats there is no (don't know what dats called---red thing which you push to release...
    UCANTCME says:
    Its called a crumple, (female) connector the part into which the tongue is pushed when connecting the seat belt plus in all states a vehicle cannot be sold with inoperative seat belts...... Without knowing the year, hook or model these can range from $25.00 to $125.00 dollars...

Holden recalls 45000 vehicles over seatbelt safe keeping - Automotive Business Review

The guests claims that there have been no reports of any incidents or injuries as a result of this problem. "There have been no reports of any accidents or injuries resultant from this condition," the statement said. Unusually strong in the area of induction hardening of auto components, EFD Induction also has a proven track record in devising bonding, brazing and pre- and locate-heat systems for automotive customers. EFD Induction – Induction Heating Equipment, Systems and Services EFD Induction is one of the world's largest and most beneficent known developers and builders of induction heating solutions for the global automotive industry. Holden said in a statement that the emergence was raised from an internal investigation following an isolated instance at the plant. We provide industry coverage on over 100 countries with our growing portfolio of 150,000 demand research reports,. The recall affects 41,933 cars in Australia and 3,744 units in New Zealand belonging to 2014 paragon year. IDAC – Engineering Analysis Consultants and Software IDAC is a UK-based company specialising in simulation software and review. IDAC is a value-added reseller for a wide range of engineering analysis software, including the full ANSYS simulation number. Industry Report Store - Instant Intelligence for the Automotive Industry Industry Report Store is an online platform that provides 40 industries with shop research and business intelligence relevant to their sector and product. It also offers a flexible consulting service to complement its clients' study needs through its engineers, who have extensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) experience. Holden, the Australian subsidiary of US automaker Extensive Motors (GM), has recalled over 45,000 units of the Commodore and Caprice vehicles in Australia and New Zealand over seatbelt safety concerns. According to the comrades, the pretensioner wiring harness on certain vehicles is liable to make contact with a bolt at the base of the seat belt buckle assembly, paramount to wearing of the bolt resulting in illumination of airbag warning light on... The defect may also affect the pretensioner and obstruct deployment in the circumstance of an accident, the company said.

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    The parents of Alexa Johnson, who died in a car fortune after failing to wear her seat belt, have started an effort to convince other kids to buckle up. The witness to Alexa Johnson's car accident thought the driver had fled the stage setting by the time he


Sageness Car Seat Ease-of-use Ratings

Intuition Car Seat Ease-Of-Use Ratings Understanding Car Seat Ease-Of-Use Ratings Share on Twitter Parents today want convenience in products they buy, everything from toaster ovens to do-it-yourself deeply repairs. But when it comes to safeguarding children in cars, there can’t be any compromises ...

Weston's big boy car seat - what we chose

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You extremity a carrier TODAY - is there anything good in Columbia?

What a fantastic day, Midlands Babywearers! Minde at Soda City I hope all of you are enjoying another fabulous weekend out. There was a lot going on this weekend. The Rosewood Crawfish Festival, the Grand Crevice of Community Park of Irmo (by the way, if you have not been to this park, you must check ...

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