Travis: Sexy Men's Underwear Example in the Great Outdoors

One of the most favoured male models ever to appear on modelJOCK. com, muscular male fitness model and personal trainer Travis wow.

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  1. just that 1 guy (aka:me) just that 1 guy (aka:me) says:
    where can i buy sexy masculine underwear?
    i have large penis i want to make it look huge and what is your fave i also want to know where to buy sexy underwear i also want to no where to buy...
    Pk says:
    sexy spear underwear -
  2. thisguy thisguy says:
    buying new underwear?
    I wanna try something new, the only feature i'm really opposed to are thongs (i am a man), comfort and style are important, let me know what you think.
    Andrew Johnson says:
    best clothes I've tried is Calvin Klein microfiber underwear. either the steel collection if you like the sexy wide waist band, or the pro reflex collection, which is pretty much the same thing with a normal range waistband. they're super soft and comfortable, and they fit and support...
  3. Mike Mike says:
    Sexy Underwear......?
    Ok ladies, try to hoard up a open mind here. I am married and am VERY attracted to her and women in general, NOT MEN... is it gross, creepy, sexy,...
    Random says:
    Key: thanks for answering my question (about dreadlocks). Your answer was spot on. And you're right, this question is very similar. I think that if this underwear is comfortable to you, then go for it. Your wife should, and most likely does, devotion you anyway. And since you...
  4. MidnightBlue MidnightBlue says:
    Guys (& girls), what is the sexiest underwear I can buy?
    I'm planning a brief 'surprise', what do you think is the sexiest underwear I can buy in terms of colour, name & thongs / french knickers?
    Barney says:
    A sexy spoonful basque with some matching thongs ought to do the trick. If not try something like this,...

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  2. While Erin Wasson was speciously trying to be sexy in her latest Instagram shot, the model has instead come under fire for her shockingly thin frame. The 32-year-old beauty posted a topless photo of herself on Sunday in which she's wearing nothing but a partner of black underwear while posing in a grass ...
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