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uk/itm/New-Wo. Roomy for links. 5 ways to style my recently purchased disco pants. ♥ Disco Pants:http://www.

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  1. Lycra L Lycra L says:
    What warp shiny leggings should I buy ?
    As I am a guy, how snug should they be ?
    junior8senior3 says:
    Leggings should be just mean enough to lay against your skin without pulling, and since you're a guy and are using them for what? bike riding? I would get them in black, since it's the best of the neutrals, and you won't have to deal with the whole "flesh tone" thing =)
  2. coolgirl coolgirl says:
    where can i buy red shiny/sparkly leggings ?
    ♡ Sarah ♡ says:
  3. misha. misha. says:
    where can i buy shiny leggings?
    im looking for a yoke of leggings that are shiny, and not see through at all. Kind of like the ones american apparell sells, but less expensive. I...
    lalabuhbyebye says:
    idk sweetie the only ones are at american gear, that's their specialty. i saw them once at nordstrom's but those were obviously expensive. just save up and buy the ones from AA, they are the best, i have them in gold

Orphan Swart Episode 2.3 Recap -

The affair starts off with Sarah and Felix traveling in less glamorous conditions than the W Hotel. Back at Art’s place, Angie throws around a Shakira hair's breadth joke like it’s 2005. Turns out Angie’s still investigating the secret clone business and doesn’t take too kindly to a popinjay telling her to stop doing her job. Welcome to Dork Shelf’s recap of Orphan Black season 2 episode 3, “Mingling Its Own Stripe with It”. We left off last week’s episode with Sarah and Felix heading out onto the road and me feeling anxious about the distance being put between our... Seeing as Sarah’s composure in the home was unexpected, it’s reasonable to conclude that Kira was Proletheans’ target all along. Don’t you know better than to go about country-western-music-playing exurban Ontario wearing shiny leather leggings while speaking in a thick British accent. And maybe you should have taken out cash back in Toronto so that you wouldn’t have to use your youngster’s adorableness to steal turkey jerky. With the prodigal child now gone, Helena becomes their plan B, and the house is torched. I’m starting to about you were a grifter who got by more on charm and chutzpah than actual sleuthing skills. You pretended to be Beth for a few weeks there, so I know you can hide that shit. As contrasted with of someone teaching you how to use a bidet that tells you it’s never seen a lovelier butt than yours, we have Sarah squatting and taking a pee in the grass. Felix is not amused. In the meanwhile, Sarah proves that she kind of sucks at this whole going on the run business. Despite not fully understanding the nuances of being inconspicuous, Sarah does come up with a design: Break into someone’s summer home and hole up there until… well, until she comes up with a better plan. Meanwhile, now that Alison has figured out Donnie is her CRT, she doesn’t exactly. Dyad toadie Daniel arrives first on the scene and tries to blend in while wearing a black turtleneck (he manifestly thinks the woods are a Ralph Lauren commercial set). Creepy ass Henrik (whom we’ve nicknamed Hank for some reason) and Mark then turn off in and disappointedly gaze upon the kitchen-utensil impaled bodies of the Birdwatchers.

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    We see colors (a splashy '60s pop art publish sheath — a mod little number inspired by Mary Travers of Peter, Paul & Mary, who actually worked at the clothing shop it came from) and wondrous fabrics (shiny, gold quilted satin that looks like a lavish
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    The stylish 19-year-old waitress from Hackney is wearing shiny treacherous shoes and flowery trousers from Urban Outfitters, a cropped black jumper and a jewelled bag from ASOS and a black, wide-brimmed hat from Creed. Marie says: “It is chic but

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    Ugh, then I’d have to judge off the romper AND the tights when I pee. 32. Are rompers supposed to be fancy? All those fashion girls are wearing them with their shiny hair and shiny ... I’m going to buy you. 47. But first, I’m customary to pee.


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  3. Don’t look a bonus horse in the mouth. I know the old idiom. And really, I get it. And I don’t. Hi there, here’s me being incredibly thankful for all the gifts handed to me in this life. But a clothes horse? That’s another matter entirely. I have a lot of clothes, but I have on the same few outfits over ...
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