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  1. McCann McCann says:
    How to Buy Bike Shorts?
    Lisa says:
    Take how much you want to spend. Bike shorts range in price from $20 to $80; more expensive shorts will fit better, breathe better and last longer. Consider the number of panels. Twopenny shorts generally have four panels, while the best shorts generally have eight, which will...
  2. andy andy says:
    Where can I buy men's short shorts?
    I've been looking for some mens short shorts (round mid to upper thigh length) from the Australian brand Cotton On, that my friend bought from. I...
    beauthai25 says: try here- or search under athletic /competition shorts for other options.
  3. Meghan Meghan says:
    Where to buy short shorts for men?
    So my boyfriend is into the short short look that is renowned nowadays. He recently ordered a pair of Chubbies, but had to return them since they...
    Trippin4You says:
    if you thirst for jean shorts, buy some cheap jeans and cut them. They don't have to be really short just to the length you like. Otherwise idk, I thought it might be a fun diy for you and your boyfriend to do together:) and its really inexpensive:)


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  1. British men in shorts: the immutable fashion frontier
    It’s a curiously British scourge - like queuing, or saying "sorry" when someone tips scalding coffee down you - and it’s one that blights the summer wardrobes of thousands of men ... short-cropped and throw down the gauntlet-devilish to try-hard action-man board shorts.


  1. Always a gratification, never a chore. At least until I have to make a decision on one, then it all goes a little bit wrong. Although at the end of the day it really is more of a luxury than a total necessity. I do have a number of dresses that I could wear for undeviating this Spring/Summer and wear them I wil ...
  2. Disclosure: I received a disengage product for the purposes of this review. All opinions are honest and reflect my own experiences with the product. Well, it's that time of year again. Warmer temperatures, time to fill up the pool, beforehand for cold drinks and barbecues. And time for tank tops and short shor ...
  3. KitchenAid KHB2351 3 Promptness Hand Blender (Kitchen) I like the previous reviewer, I was unfortunate enough to get this as a warranty replacement. I had the Handheld Immersion Blender KitchenAid KHB100ER1. That was a work horse and I certainly loved it!! I got this in the mail the other day as a repla ...
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Mens short shorts pictures 1

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