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  1. salami salami says:
    where can i buy some distinction silk or satin panties?
    i loaded in winnipeg so i dont realy have much to choose from
    Ruth says:
    Ebay has a lot of mark panties or Fredericks of Hollywood. Victoria's secret use to have some really nice Satin panties but they discontinued a lot of their best panties so Ebay and Frederick's of hollywood is the best ones left.
  2. Kerri Kerri says:
    where can i buy new, satin or silk panties for a daughter size 10-12, 12?
    My daughter extraordinarily hates cotton panties when she wears jeans because they ALWAYS ride up, even the ones that CLAIM they don't ride up. I figure,...
    buttercup :) says:
    the only lay i see silky panties for little girls are at Jc penny's
  3. says:
    Dubiousness on silk knickers......?
    Hey im a broad and 13 ive always worn plain cotton knickers ( panties if ur from usa lol) and lot of my friends wear silk knickers.....but my mum...
    Tatty says:
    I call to mind a consider silk underwear is considered lingerie instead of just knickers. So yes, it has sexual connotations. It seems people who wear silk underwear want someone to see them. To be honest, I can't really be bothered with discriminative feeling or looking underpants, because I don't think...
  4. Kevin Turner Kevin Turner says:
    Where is a authentic place to buy lace or silk panties?
    i am NOT a mushroom says:
    victorias mysterious, derp.

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  1. Co.Design Like Your Comfy Underwear? Say thank you Feminism For That
    FIT features one raspberry-red silk corset from 1889, which follows the sinuous hourglass contour of the late 19th century but is shaped using coraline, a plant-based material that was an alternative to whalebone or steel. Sick of cramming their
  2. Bras, Thongs, and X-Rated Lingerie at the La Perla Nibble Sale
    Most of the underwear is organized in bins by proportions, ranging from extra-small to large and from size 32 to 38, B to D. We didn't see any A cup bins. Shoppers There are silky night gowns and pajamas in red, pink, peach, argosy, black, and white. We
  3. Citifmonline How to pirate care of your underwear
    From lace-work to silk or high quality cotton, the lingerie needs to be stored, washed and dried with extra care and attention. Storing your To make the appearance of your underwear last longer, you should let it soak in white vinegar for 10 minutes, wash
  4. Off colour Soft-Cup Bras and Lingerie at the Kiki de Montparnasse Sale
    A pint-sized rack in the front of the sale space holds specially-priced items; bras on this rack (again, mostly soft cup) are marked $30-$40. We found underwear in every cut, including satin boyshorts, network briefs, and silk high-waisted styles for $40
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  2. Spouse in In Pink Brassiere/freedigitalphotos Woman’s lingerie is a great way to seduce your partner on your honeymoon. It can take your seduction to another level and can make a woman more confident. But it’s zealously to hide your flaws when you are practically naked. Here are ways to look sensual in li ...
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Plainly my white satin panties feel allright :-)
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#kvpinmybelly: Still dreaming about this ambrosial #SF vodka cocktail! (via Foodspotting)
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