Batman Underwear Garments Tutorial by Men's Underwear Guy

For the month of October I'm focusing on Underwear Guy Halloween Tutorials with assorted takes on costumes that are mash-ups of characters in costume but wi.

Questions & answers

  1. Deni Deni says:
    Where can I buy cotton/lycra/spandex material online?
    For making underwear? It seems to be weird to find online; does anyone know of any good online retailers? Thank you.
    kay says:
    fwiw, lycra and spandex and elastane are synonymous. There are a lot of places to buy cotton/lycra knits timely for underwear. You'll need to know what kind of fabric you want (presumably a knit? what type of knit?) to find it. A search like "cotton lycra jersey yard"...
  2. Dancer Dancer says:
    Where can I buy coin fitting spandex or underwear?
    I'm prosperous to my school's semi formal and I bought a dress. But I need underwear for under it. I want tan ones that aren't noticeable and also...
    Sandy S says:
    I cuss trust in by the Commando brand. Absolutely fabulous feel to them...very smooth, silky, and no seams at all - great for wearing under anything thin, or smooth like dresses, formal gowns, get-up trousers, etcetera. Look them up:...
  3. joensa joensa says:
    Spandex alleviate for volleyball?
    okay i have a volleyball ready in like an hour and i am having major spandex problems. we all have to wear the same spandex and these particular...
    Vballislife says:
    I advised of it's late, but you should just not wear underwear. Spandex are like underwear, and no one cares if you have camel toe, it comes with wearing spandex.
  4. jill.p jill.p says:
    Are you imagined to wear underwear under spandex?
    so i recently signed up for volleyball and today i just bought like 4 pairs of spandex/compression shorts and i was wondering if you have to pass slowly...
    Kelly says:
    Yes! I do buoy up and I wear underwear under my spandex. For shirts just wear a regular form fitting tee, or a baggy t-shirt (with a sports bra under it!)

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  1. I recently remembered that one of my motives of having a blog was to given some fitting information to the “soon-to-be” volunteers. I also remembered how stressful packing can be. So here are some ideas from me to you, future volunteers! I don’t know about you, but when I found out that I had to fi ...
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  3. Recently, I received some delightful new underwear courtesy of the lovely folks over at Dear Kate. And these undies kind of blew my mind. What’s so interesting about Dear Kate underwear (other than the fact that they’re pretty damn dainty)? Allow me to talk about monthly lady times for a moment. You see ...
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