Bras for Backless Tops & Underwear for Stringent Fitting Dresses, NuBra, Spanx (Weddings, Formals)

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Questions & answers

  1. Mable Mable says:
    Where can I buy seamless underwear?
    It doesn't requisite to be seamless, I just hate wearing tight clothes where people can see my underwear, see where my hips end and my but begins. I...
    OH MY CH*HUAHUA! says:
    Spanx mark.
  2. Makeuplover Makeuplover says:
    Where do you buy those spanx?
    You recollect those underwear things that hold you all in. I bought a dress for prom and I've gained weight and so I need to be able to fit into it....
    Loulou says:
    Yes, walmart has it! you can get them there cheaper than at hope I...
  3. Tinkerbell Tinkerbell says:
    Anyone out there inured to Spanx Control underwear?
    I am second-rate to buy some Spanx underwear, but its pretty pricey and wondered is it worth it? I have some nice dresses and want to have a more...
    superstarfishgal says:
    I notion of I am the only one who was disappointed with Spanxs. They look and feel like nylons. They didn't float my boat. But I have friends who love them. There are a lot of alternative's out there that are cheaper and will probubaly work just as thoroughly cooked.
  4. now_follow now_follow says:
    where can i get SPANX from?
    the underwear thats meant to prepare you appear slimmer perferably in london stores please
    violetvamp82 says:
    Not accurate about actual physical stores in London, but you can buy online at they are a distributer for spanx. Spanx stuff is really good, I live in AUstralia, you cant get that brand anywhere here, just online.

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  1. Spanx underwear are now making slimming jeans
    . Jun 12th 2014, 20:14 | By Jenny McFarlane | Add clarification. Underwear brand, Spanx, have revealed they're to launch a brand new range of jeans. The term 'skinny jeans' just got a totally new message.
  2. Spanx underwear to fire new denim range
    . Jun 12th 2014, 20:14 | By Underwear sort, Spanx, have revealed they're to launch a brand new range of jeans. The term 'skinny The underwear aficionados will be unveiling 2 different kinds of jean styles.
  3. Elle Now You Can Impair Your Spanx in Public
    but it can just be about a sport cut and fit.” Though a stomach control panel seems like a built-in Bridget Jones underwear moment waiting to happen, maybe Spanx jeans are the terminating way to get the tightest pants in all the land. Watch out
  4. Spanx names Nike's Jan Chorus girl as new CEO
    Till to that, she was vice president and general manager of Reebok's women's business and had marketing and global communications roles for Chanel, Calvin Klein, and Prada. Blakely said that “Nightingale's role in helping to lead and innovate at premium, 
  5. 'Sex' Men's Underwear Comes Scented or With Pockets – Yum? (PHOTOS)
    But that doesn't quantity because our tester says no way in HELL is he wearing scented underwear anywhere, any time. We should just be glad when men wear clean underwear. And I'm wondering if there's flourishing to be an odd taste ??? Sorry, France



  1. We advance shopping solo. Sometimes we drag our husbands along and it’s not as much fun as we think it’ll be. They have a shorter attention span, and we don’t like anyone looking over our shoulder at the price tag. We’re not fond of shopping in limited boutiques where enthusiastic saleswomen assure us ...
  2. Mortification Spirals and The Natural Order of Things I went to a wedding this weekend. It was the first time I'd ever been to a wedding that had an actual written dress code. This was a inebriated society affair. Just how high, I had no idea. I can tell you after the fact that it was a who's who of Texas politic ...
  3. Any appropriate style starts with a good foundation, the majority of women from the 50s wore structured undergarments designed to deliver the hourglass figure. If you're aiming for a 50s style attire I highly recommend investing in some solid underwear. You will need the following to mould your shape: Ga ...
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joan madmen
A greatly good friend on mine in London set me this article. Its so fitting. No pun intended. How to drive men mad: TV's sexiest show is back - but as I discovered when I had my Mad Men makeover, you have to occupation hard...
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