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Questions & answers

  1. Somoan Somoan says:
    Totally backless bra?
    Where can I put one's finger on a COMPLETELY backless bra, such as Elaine catos backless bra? Ive looked and Ive looked and I cant find one anywhere. Thank you :)
    Asdfghjkl says:
    i buy a bra that just sticks onto you, i for the most part get them from any superstore in the underwear section
  2. E. E. says:
    Buying bras confusion?
    So I have 2 types of bras that I in regularly and I think I'm a 32 B. However one 32 B fits perfectly whereas for the other one, there is a gap...
    That video another answerer shared is massive - with a measuring tape, any woman can more accurately get her size in the comfort of home. You should wear your best fitting bra while doing so. Also, remember that we girls fluctuate with bra size - that's why most bras have...
  3. kacee kacee says:
    How you be bound for b assault breast look bigger in a strapless bra?
    I have this strapless scold I wanna wear but I doesn't look right if you have small breasts. I wear a B cup but my cleavage only shows in a bra...
    Alex says:
    You can buy a stick on bra online, they are adhesive and give abundance of cleavage without any straps. When I want maximum cleavage I wear a bra on top. :)
  4. Coco Coco says:
    Where can you buy those stick on bras?
    Where do you buy the bras that are strapless and have no back they just stick on? Like Sally Hansens Knockout Supply, would they have them? Where...
    Mom of 2 says:
    Walmart carries them, they have a batch of different kinds

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Her new reportage, Simple Dreams, reflects on a long career that was ended by the disease years before it was diagnosed. Her conversation with Fresh Air's Terry Revolting finds Ronstadt offering her frank insights on sex,...
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