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Questions & answers

  1. snailysnal snailysnal says:
    I emergency a strapless bra to go with my wedding dress! help!?
    I have a halter marriage dress and the back goes low. Ive looked around at different bras and I dont know what to get! Im afraid the ones with the...
    Courtney says:
    buy one of the sticky bras and try it out before your marriage. also the store that you bought your dress out usually should carry some different kinds of undergarments. Go see what they have and ask about a return policy, or see if you can try on the dress in the store with...
  2. Nikki Nikki says:
    Backless sticky bras.?
    I have this pretty new backless deck out, which although it can be worn without a bra, like most girls, I'd be more comfortable with one. The problem...
    Friday says:
    Hey Nikki, Thankfully I've not sophisticated this first hand(!), but my ex is a 34F and like the previous answerer found the stick-on bras absolutely hopeless! We bought one once, like you to wear with a backless camouflage. It was good for 20 minutes of comedy value while we...
  3. ExOh ExOh says:
    Are there any online stores you can buy bras made especially for sham boobs?
    Linda S says:
    Do you proletarian fake boobs as in silicone/saline implants? Because any bra will work for those provided it fits -Victoria's Secret is fine for any boobs, fake or real. Do you mean sham as in mastectomy boobs? There are special bras made for cancer and Mastectomy patients with...
  4. I'm a princess I'm a princess says:
    Where can I buy a backless sticky bra in the uk?
    My prom apparel has a really low back so I want to know where I can find those sticky bras that dont show at the back at a cheap price.
    No-one-you-know says:
    Primark does a eulogistic see through back strapped bra. Try Marks and sparks for the the one you're look for. :D

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  1. Shape Magazine (blog) Reformation's New Capsule Accumulation for Busty Ladies
    The assemblage, which includes some seriously beautiful maxi dresses and rompers, promises to keep well-endowed ladies "covered—but not obscured" and is designed to be worn with a bra. (Because how practical are sticky boobs for anyone larger than a C 
  2. WICK's No Anguish Black Dress Kickstarter Will Make Your Party Wardrobe So ...
    You have a backless clothe that would be fabulous for the party, but dealing with a sticky bra all night isn't on your to do list. The list goes on and on That being said, WICK's No Stress Black Dress is something I can to be sure get behind
  3. TheGloss Why Every Grown Up Should Own At Least One Romper
    It had a thrown about, breezy fit that wouldn't get sticky, and straps wide enough that one could wear a bra underneath. The fabric was silky, with a nice drape that made it look a bit formal. (Diffuse a vintage statement belt on with it, and it's formal enough
  4. Elle The Right on Summer Sundress for Girls With Boobs
    And a sublimely simple floor-sweeping, slit-to-there, mossy green silk maxi (with a perfectly-placed back accent strap) is already earmarked for an assuredly hot-and-sticky August blending whose wardrobe I've been agonizing over. Some of And it
  5. Why <i>Overt Child</i> Will Make Judd Apatow Jealous
    (An early backdrop in Bridesmaids in which Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig joke about penises has an inkling of this kind of realism, but Obvious Child makes it less flap-sticky.) Donna wears the same unfussy nude bra in several scenes. The two try on



  1. I was bang on on time. Of course. The line at the counter was beginning to fade fast – 9:56am was the ideal time to order coffee without encountering the regular morning-goers, the fatigued queue, the confusion from the employee who’s just started out; his curly hair waving from side to side with no cle ...
  2. Hi there! This is devious because I think everyone feels different about what they’re comfortable wearing immediately post-baby, but for what it’s worth, I wore black yoga pants, a gray cotton tank and a wrap sweater. BUT! It was also January, so not hot and sticky. That’s key, because all I about ...
  3. alrmullins: numbz: The doctor reprimand that the Hot Topic dude picked out. I’m kind of in love with it, only on the hanger, the cut out looked lower than it is, so I have to figure out the bra situation. But it’s super comfy and flattering, even without all the proper undergarments. It looks showy. And if ...
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