Halloween homemade straight jacket

Concealment was purchased at meijer for 5 bucks. Made my own straight jacket yesterday to wear on Halloween as I hand out candy.

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  1. Elliott Selman Elliott Selman says:
    Where can I buy a genuine straight jacket?
    I am looking for a true straight jacket (same as they use in asylums/hospitals). No "real" reason, I just really want to have one. I found one a...
    Mommiedearest says:
    Here you go. Check out them out for the best price. . Real Straight Jacket 100's of Choices. Low Prices. Find Real Straight Jacket. http://www.Clothing.Shopzilla.com Real Straight Jackets We Have 10,000+ Kids Toys & More. Tangible Straight Jackets on Sale....
  2. Dana L Dana L says:
    were can you buy a straight jacket?
    Excellant says:
    Coloured Quadlan Straight Jacket http://www.healthyandactive.com/black-straight-jacket.html STRAIGHT JACKET http://www.halloweencostumeshop.com/asp/iteminfo.asp?K=adoctors&I=50369&R= Straight Jacket http://www.rivithead.com/goods_info.php/products_id/934?adid=4&gid=12&kid=656
  3. zach zach says:
    where can i buy a Actual straight jacket?
    I hankering to buy a straight jacket, but not like a trick one for like magicians an stuff. I cant say i have a purpose for it yet, but i would just...
    Love Me Girl says:
    You can buy it from http://www.amazon.com/gp/search?ie=UTF8&keywords=straight%20jacket&tag=189-20&sign=misc&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=9325

How To Extract Off Bold Pattern, featuring the Gagliardi Blazer

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Latigo Leather Strap Straight Jacket with Grommets
Latigo Leather Strap Straight Jacket with Grommets
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Real Strait Jackets with Leather

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